FISA FALLOUT: FBI Withheld Evidence that ‘Directly Refutes’ Premise of Trump Surveillance | Sean Hannity

A senior GOP lawmaker made national headlines Sunday night, publicly confirming the FBI withheld evidence that “directly refuted” the agency’s premise behind the ongoing Russia-Trump collusion probe.

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Is it really surprising what the holdovers at the top were willing to do?

I’m not surprised at all that they were spying on the Trump campaign and were using every means possible to discredit President Trump. Obama knew that if Trump got elected all his “Executive Orders” would be overturned and his “Legacy” would be thrown out. I’m waiting to see justice done and Obama along with all the other co conspirators be put in prison instead of going around giving speeches and getting paid for their “wisdom”.

Not going to happen. Instead, you will be seeing statues of Obama going up to replace the ones being torn down and I’m not just referring to the confederate statues.