FISA Court abuses

Question: Why have the courts, especially the FISA court not pushed back on FBI/DOJ abuses?
Who appointed the judges that approved the warrants? Obama?
Why has no one asked "When the courts will reprimand, censure, or at least look into known abuses?

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Maybe you’re getting bad info.

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Actually, all the FISA Court judges were appointed to that specific court by either Chief Justice Burger, Chief Justice Rehnquist or Chief Justice Roberts. However, all currently serving FISA Court judges were appointed by Chief Justice Roberts.


Maybe you’re getting bad info?

Is that not possible also?

The fact that they haven’t “pushed back” implies pretty strongly that there was no “abuse”, and the FISA warrants were in line with the law as it exists.


Now, where are all the legal people who can actually do something about these (Republican Media) imagined abuses and why aren’t they acting? Are they hanging out with the Tea Party in a bar or something?

I appreciate you response, but, I seriously doubt that. Knowing the dossier was fake, knowing several renewals were allowed. There should certainly be some kind of push back on the courts part. How, if this uncorroborated document was the reason spying on an American citizen was allowed, will any of us be safe from the same abuse?

But if you have bad info then those questions are void. ARe they not?

the Republican Media has something, but they should try and do more.

I’m more of a Coffee drinker than Tea. I could see more Democratic Media,
and Democrat Politicians being at the bar.

Bad, like the dossier? No, I don’t have any connection to the FBI.

The dossier isn’t “fake”. Much of it has been proven to be correct, and none of it has been proven false.

If there was an issue, the court would have pushed back. Judges, even more than like everyone else, hate to be made fools of, and come down hard on those who do so.

Don’t stop there.

Keep thinking it through.

Why haven’t any of the FISA judges come out?

There’s really only one answer.

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what specifically has been proven fake in the dossier?

I’ll have to dig deeper.

Actually, this is what worries me. If these cases were not abuse, then the FISA system should be seriously reviewed / rescinded. They conflict with our constitution and our bill of rights.

Because they can’t push back a CEC false narrative. It’s not their job to make sure folks don’t believe everything they hear with me evidence to back it up.

So your ok with American Citizens being recorded? I’m not.

You are also OK with some people being prosecuted for lying to the FBI, but not for others? I’m not.

I suppose you are also OK with American Citizens being assassinated? Again, I’m not.

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I’m absolutely ok with this when there is a warrant to do so.

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Let me tip people here off. When you read a post like that ^ you know the person consumes too much Republican Media.

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Man, that’s so true.

It’s not our court’s job to educate gullible people.

Most definitely. If law enforcement gets a tip that someone is planning to assassinate Sean Hannity and they have credible evidence they can present before a judge, they definitely should be allowed to wiretap the potential murderer and stop them.

I’m not. See above.