First truckers in Canada, now farmers in the Netherlands

Dutch farmers are protesting over new environmental regulations that are going to put many of them out of business and reduce agricultural output. The new regulations are coming as Europe is facing severe food shortages and high food prices as a result of sanctions that limit imports of Russian food and fertilizer.

As with the early days of the Canadian trucker protests, the foreign media is largely ignoring the protests. Here are descriptions of the regulations along with reports about the protests from Twitter and local news:

The ruling coalition wants to cut emissions of pollutants, predominantly nitrogen oxide and ammonia, by 50 per cent nationwide by 2030. Ministers call the proposal an “unavoidable transition” that aims to improve air, land and water quality.

“The honest message … is that not all farmers can continue their business,” and those who do will likely have to farm differently, the government said in a statement this month as it unveiled emission reduction targets.

Livestock produce ammonia in their urine and faeces. The government in the past has called on farmers to use feed for their animals that contains less protein as a way of reducing ammonia emissions. The problem is compounded in the Netherlands, which is known for its intensive farming practices, with large numbers of livestock kept on small areas of land.
Explained: Why are Dutch farmers protesting against government’s proposal to slash emissions?

Is a change in the government of the Netherlands likely as food shortages worsen and protests gain strength?

Or will the government adopt Canadian-style policies of fascist oppression to maintain control?

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Looks to me like the farmers will have the upper hand with much of the citizenry behind them.

Just my initial reaction of course.

Farmers and ranchers feed the population. Legislating their output by non-agricultural ideologs is brilliant right?
What could go wrong?


The Dutch government is meeting requirements set by the EU, where unelected leaders and bureaucrats are driving things.

It looks the government has some flexibility, but a major change in direction may require a showdown with Brussels.

It looks like the world is headed towards an extended period of food shortage and higher food prices. At the same time, financial institutions are crumbling as self-imposed sanctions are destroying trust.

Money and power may shift from Wall Street bankers towards farmers in flyover country.

It’s like pissing off the server before you get your meal. :rofl:


Or biting the hand that feeds you . . .


Great analogy.

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Totally self inflicted by over reaction to China flu and poor leadership with delusions of energy from sources that can’t provide it.

I have often pointed out oil feeds the world. Now we see how.

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This must have been Ol Joey’s biggest concern when he signed his now famous “Day 1 EOs” throttling domestic oil & gas exploration, production and exportation?
What a visionary.


When I listen to government preach about pollution, I fall back on two times I’ve heard this bull feces. Once was in the early 70s when emissions were engineered in cars and a moratorium was placed on pollution from manufacturing. Since then…cars have gotten better fuel mileage, become much safer and have gone up in price 2000%. Then manufacturing left the US and went overseas where the pollution increased DRAMATICALLY but the cost of production went down. Then our same government allows these products to be brought back into the US and sold here…totally ignoring the additional, excess pollution created due to their policy. Now please…someone tell me…what was accomplished?

The next time I heard this bull feces was in the eighties when it was being stated that these brown paper bags being used everywhere was destroying our forests, which in turn was cleaning our air. The answer that came out of this was a small plastic bag. The trees that made these bags were from pines that grow fast, fully mature in 25 years plus provide the farmers of these trees their income. Are you listening? This was truly renewable energy but now we have landfills filled with plastic bags and the problem of pollution has been exacerbated, not improved.

I’m not a fan of dumb ass politicians who have generally failed in their personal lives, coming from a failed track record, setting these extremely important policies that impact us all, while I also observe their continued failures every day.

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A basic problem with the elites in NATO capitals is they have assumed they can control the world by gaming the financial systems. The reality is that control of basic commodities like food and energy trumps games with finance.

Attacking farmers while Europeans are already facing food shortages is not going to end well. Hungry people make for revolutions.

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Politicians are out of touch with reality. They’ll never miss a meal or feel the pain of having to cut back on food because they’ll always be able to afford it.


They know exactly what they are doing IMO. For the “good of the planet”, they want all of us to be eating processed, fake meat and insects, while they will still be able to eat meat as normal. Gates is heavily invested in the fake meat industry and has been buying up a large amount of farmland.
I keep seeing articles with titles similar to “tasty new grasshopper recipe” or “I tried caterpillar burritos and they were delish” on Yahoo or Facebook news. They are prepping the dumbed-down masses to think this is trendy or fashionable.
We give up meat, and our health is gone. Of course, Big Pharma will be there to save us.


Lucky SCOTUS cut the legs out under our bureaucrats…which is only going to drive libs farther into hands of global government so they can undermine American sovereignty. It’s how libs here roll.


People should be very leery about this fake meat industry. The elite think they know what it takes to make a body function properly. They don’t.

Remember margarine being better than butter for your health, etc.? Not so.

IMO, if it comes to the earth naturally, like beef then it is good for you. Anything engineered probably isn’t.


I’m very thankful for that.

They can’t blame Trump for increasing food prices in the Netherlands. Have they tried Putin?


All the eco progressives goals can be met, we just need about three billion fewer people to meet them. Have any that jet in for these elitist conferences volunteered to leave?


Can’t get ebola, AIDs, Covid, or antibiotic resistant diseases from farming and eating things that aren’t mammals. Takes less resources too.

I doubt anyone who puts a Big Mac in their mouth will notice. Not that it needs to be hidden, when the cost is substantially lower as well.