First Time Being Embarrassed


And you call me paranoid :rofl:


Hopefully Putin can’t do too much lasting damage before we throw this jackass out on his ear in 2020.


so long you claim weird things like “Trump is siding with Putin over US Intel agencies to help Putin to cover up his crimes”…:laughing:

Your Intel agencies have been exposed to have committed a lot of abuses, having biased and corrupt people inside, like Strzok, Lisa Page, McCabe., FISA abuse, phony dossier, etc etc. It isnt like Trump would blame the Intel agencies for no reason.




Now seriously, which real damage could Putin cause to US?
You mean more damage than taking advantage of US uranium during Obuma&Hillary times?:roll_eyes:


Hmm…I wonder where that $19B in Rosneft stock went?


It’s tricky translating from Russian into English. Actual verbiage:

“Why would I attack America? Bitch boy Donald does more damage than a R-36!”


why should he do that?

theoretically, the Moon could fall on Earth as well…:roll_eyes:


He has control of a single Orange Warhead. More than enough.


yes, the Moon could fall on Earth as well :roll_eyes:


Nah… Democrats will find someone worse than Hillary and he will be President till 2024.


That is a legitimate concern. Democrats are just stupid enough to sabotage themselves, and condemn us to another 4 years of this Orange Abomination.


No president has ever done what Trump did in Helsinki. You know why? Because it takes courage, which Trump has plenty of and his predecessors didn’t.

Let the MSM whine, let these RINOs waggle their fingers, let all these deep state stooges make a big drama show. It doesn’t matter.

Trump is strong, the only strong president since maybe Andrew Johnson. May Trump follow in his footsteps and MAGA.


only if it reverse its current trend of its orbit moving away from earth…sure


Donald Trump is quite literally the ideal of each of the seven deadly sins: pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth.


American blood has turned into water. Our alliance with Canada/Europe/Japan has turned us into muling babies.

Russians are strong. They are worthy allies.


What a disaster Obama was eh? He stood by and let Russia install a puppet in the white house. What a legacy.


I’m sure you’d voice support for him if he’d suspend the election or bring out evidence prematurely. You’ve shown us you have an open mind about these sort of things. :joy::joy::joy:


The herd is really thinning out.

Only the absolute morons are left to support him.

Only the true scum of the earth are left.


Well I wouldn’t want saving the country to not be politically expedient for him or anything. I realize its a conundrum for the left, they believe the country has been taken over by Russians, but it happened on their watch. What to do, what to do, I know, lets say the Russian controlled republican party wouldn’t have liked Obama defending the country, that should do it. Better to surrender without a shot fired.