First Time Being Embarrassed


A slight embarrassment, yes. A week later, the world will not have changed because of anything he said


And there you have it. The extent to which a loyal Trump supporter can bring himself to criticize the President " a slight embarrassment". I do not recall you saying that when obama made his faux paus with Putin that it was a slight embarrassment and the world will not change because of what he said -you were too busy talking about treason.

Step away from your belief that there is some global left wing conspiracy in control of the media and take a look at what Americans and the rest of the world are saying. Those that can look at this objectively cannot fathom why he said what he said. Putin is laughing his arse off at America because Trump has elevated him about American intelligence services. Seriously mate, that’s not a minor embarrassment it s a huge political gaffe.

But its pointless discussing this. In your mind Trump can do no wrong and your knee jerk reaction is to defend him because to be critical of him means you might have to start questioning your own absolute beliefs about Trump.


I don’t remember doing that. Its possible.

No conspiracy. Much of the media just has an anti conservative, anti Republican, pro international liberal bias. This doesn’t require a vast conspiracy, like the one the Dems dreamed up about campaign collusion.


Hey look–some of the posters here applauding trump’s performance yesterday have company!



I do as well, so many things have turned on their heads since Trump won the nomination.

Family values? Not important.

Affairs? Who cares?

Deficits? They don’t matter.

Tarriffs? All for it!

North Korea? Why not trust them?

Russia? Those guys are cool!

Law enforcement? Unreliable!

Guns? Confiscate them! Or not! Whatever he says next is what I think!


You really need to get her out of your head.

She lost, get over it.


So what trump said was ok as long as he said it in the U.S.? Is that what you’re saying?


Is that that the new excuse?


It is absolutely ok for him to argue that much of what the heads of the intelligence agencies did was due to the extreme biases we have seen from their leaders like Clapper an Brennan. It is not disloyal for an elected President to criticize unelected bureaucrats.


He did much more than that. We understand why you give him a pass.


Romney was right. The annexation of Crimea is one sign of that, as well as all the stuff that happened during the 2016 election. Russia is a threat. It’s irrational that our President is treating Putin better than he does our real allies like Merkel and May.


We don’t need an Edit button. We need an app that will count the number of times Hillary and Obama are mentioned after ever Trump screw up.


Well, David Duke wants a completely white America so he’s gonna cheer everything Trump does.


Like setting down a rake, while he watches, and he STILL steps on it. :wink:


You are all over the place and dont even know what you are arguing


These days I love how so many Trumpists are employing the “this is all your fault” for their vote/support for him.


not owning their vote to own the libz!


Did you guys know that David Duke rejoined the Republican party in 2016? He was most recently in the Reform Party.


Eleventy dimensional strategerie!


Just curious, but do you squawk as loudly about US involvement in other nations’ governance?