First they came . .

Things are starting to sound like the “First They Came” poem; now they are coming for Libertarians. Meanwhile state-sanctioned Blatifa groups are free to destroy cities and to intimidate juries.

Do we need to rein in the out-of-control police state?

“In possession of body armor”. Weapon of war.

I agree that the definition of “terrorism” in Washington is “anything that frightens politicians.”

Unfortunately that definition includes voters who wants to drain the swamp and most gun owners.


And to think he could very well be anyone of us with weapons and anti goverment views.

As I said…the police are not our friends. They will kill you for at the order of their left-wing masters.

Getting scary out there IMO.


Apparently Maryland dictates that if you have been previously convicted of certain crimes, you must have a permit to possess body armor.

And we call this a free country,


Only goverment thugs are allowed to protect themselves.

Oh did you see where now they have found even more abuses of FISA and outer FBI spying on Americans?

Am I open to same treatment as this fellow? Having police raiding my place and killing me on sight over my views?


Yes. You are.

Yes, the Biden administration and states such as Maryland act like people who oppose government tyranny are by definition terrorists.

Political opponents have become fair game for pre-dawn raids from SWAT teams.

Persecution complex nonsense aside, I’m with you guys on the shooting of Duncan Lemp.

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Charged with felonies?

Lemp wasn’t persecuted?

Joe Biden’s America. Better get used to it.

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What they did here was they basically just shot him knowing he had guns in his home. It seems that is now that is all the excuse they need. Well he had a gun in the room…in the closet er even the safe for that matter.


I saw that earlier. Felonies for rigging homecoming? Ridiculous. Maybe there’s more to the story.

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No. He was probably murdered, though.

Police are left wing? On what planet?

Murder is persecution. Come on man.

Read the post…slowly.

From the article in the OP:

“The state has a long record of SWAT debacles. After police wrongfully raided a mayor’s house and killed his dogs in 2008, Maryland required police to report every SWAT raid. Between 2010 and 2014, police in Maryland conducted more than 8,000 raids, killing nine people and injuring almost a hundred civilians.”

“Despite controversies, statistics were no longer collected after 2014. Strong police unions have blocked numerous efforts at legislative reform.”

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No, it isn’t.

Define your terms. What’s “persecution”?