First presidential debate to be held in Cleveland 9/29

Notre Dame pulls out due to COVID concerns. Apparently Cleveland could care less about COVID after decades of futility.

On Sept. 29, barring further unforeseen catastrophe or readily predictable coronavirus-related issues, Joe Biden will debate President Trump in Cleveland, OH.

Fake news. Trump won’t debate.

Well, that sucks.

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There’s a thread around here somewhere.

I can’t wait, should be some good kabuki.

Dope, Biden can just go talk for two hours every network by himself.

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Maybe he can debate Kanye

Or Chris Wallace

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Can we get Megyn Kelly to moderate?

If biden shows up, Trump walk in, hit him in the nose and walk off, declaring himself the winner.

Who wouldn’t wanna watch that?

Why? Wallace isn’t running for President.


He could.

Advocating unprovoked violence?

What a true patriotic American.

Biden does well in debates, should be a good one!

Biden is going to swing at him.

Wonder if there’ll be a live audience.

How long ago?

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Just following Trump’s example


He took it to Bernie pretty good one on one just a few months ago.

Remember, he has been to debates this year, Trump hasn’t.

And Trump never won a debate with HRC on points, she cleaned his clock most nights. But Trump had no record to attack then, while she did. It is an entirely different story now.

Biden is going to be able to say to Trump what most Americans have never had the chance to say. The press cannot attack him for his policies, they want to keep access. He doesn’t answer questions he doesn’t want to, he just calls the questioner names like “nasty” and so on.

Biden can open up on Trump, if Trump starts lying or obfuscating Biden can slap that down too. He has had a LOT of practice over the years.

And remember, Trump is busy and is ostensibly unteachable. Biden can hunker down with the best and the brightest to generate the most effective attack strategies and he has all the time in the world to do so.