First launch in support of the Space Force coming up in about 45 minutes

Here is the first Space Force launch. The above link is a live feed from United Launch Alliance via NASA’s

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What are they launching? Satellite hunters/killers?

This is the 6th and final satellite in this series.

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Damn…I was hoping for something more exciting. :crazy_face:

Hold at 46 seconds. Recycling to T-4 minutes.

Launch window extends 2 hours from 2:57 pm EDT to 4:57 pm EDT.

Just picked up the count, launch in about 2 minutes.

Got through the Atlas phase of the flight, now on the Centaur phase.

Good launch.

We won’t know for about 5 1/2 hours yet, but to this point, a good first Space Force launch. :smile:

Ack! Did they launch? Did I miss it? We can see launches from my back yard. First time I saw one I thought it was a UFO! Lol

Lets hope.

They launched a few minutes ago, the Atlas V is done, the Centaur upper stage is currently in its first burn.


Lol, I missed it by about 10 minutes! Oh well, next time. You ever watch the ISS go by? We got all our neighbors standing outside when Izzy makes it’s appearance.

It is nice to see new multiple launch facilities being built at the cape.

The third and final burn of the Centaur went as planned and the satellite separated as planned. So a perfect launch as far as the Atlas V / Centaur launch vehicles go.

The current list of facilities:

(Former site of Launch Complex 13) - Falcon 9 booster landing sites 1 & 2
SLC 20 - Currently leased to Firefly Aerospace for small lift vehicles
SLC 37 - Currently leased to United Launch Alliance for the Delta IV Heavy, last launch of that vehicle is expected in 2024
SLC 39 A - Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy
SLC 39 B - Can support multiple users
SLC 39 C - Small lift vehicles
SLC 40 - Falcon 9
SLC 41 - Atlas V, Vulcan
SLC 46 - Athena

Under construction:

SLC 36 - Being converted for use by Blue Origin vehicles
SLC 48 - Being constructed for the launch of small lift vehicles

So things should stay busy out there for the foreseeable future.