First Guantanamo transfer under Trump, population down to 40

Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed Haza al-Darbi was transferred to Saudi Arabia late last night, where he will serve the remainder of his 13 year term.

His transfer reduces the population of Guantanamo Bay to 40.

First transfer under Trump. Despite his words to the contrary, no new detainees have arrived at Guantanamo under Trump to this point.

good news…


How much does it cost to keep those 40 people there?

More than $10 Million per detainee per year at Guantanamo Bay.

It costs $78,000 per prisoner per year at ADX Florence.

Yeah but they could never move things around to handle forty more inmates. :roll_eyes:

Damn. Will it ever end?

It does not cost $10M per detainee. That includes the cost of that part of the base. They would be doing something else with it.

I say turn them loose. Give them a plane ticket to anywhere they want to go. They have to be rehabbed by now.

The cost for the prison facilities in 2015 was $445 Million. That includes the prison only, which pretty much can serve no other role than as a prison, short of being torn down and rebuilt as a different type of facility. That does not include many millions more for other facilities and operations at the base. Divide that figure by 40 inmates and it amounts to well over $10 Million for inmate.

That does NOT include the cost of the Military Commissions, so in reality, the figure is substantially higher.

I would close Guantanamo Bay, repatriate most of the detainees to their home countries and any real baddies I would transfer to the United States for trial before the Article III Courts.

I would then return Guantanamo Bay to Cuba’s sovereignty, with perhaps a 1 to 2 year transition period sufficient to remove United States property from the base.

Prisons make great shoot houses for CQB training. They also make excellent secure facilities for units that shall not be named doing things that shall not be discussed.

I would close it and turn them loose. Let them go wherever they want.

What are you going to try them for?