First female VP in US history

Yes. I know it’s not a “done” deal yet. There are still court cases. Blah blah blah. But let’s assume Biden/Harris will win.

How do people feel about this historic event? Great for women?

Also first Black/Asian(indian) VP. Another major step for minorities?

For me, I think it is a big deal. Just like Obama was first black president. Jackie Robinson as first black MLB player. In many years to come, the race of candidates won’t matter. We just need to break that ground first.


So…frankly I’m surprised it taken this long.

She will be first pres too.

It’s reason why “some” suburban women voted for Biden. Not for her to play second fiddled.

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It’s also a stupid reason to vote for someone. Just like being a woman and being black are the two reasons to choose a running mate.


I’ll vote for Armadillo if it has my values…or suits my political agenda.

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Now having said that Texans might have a problem with it. :wink:

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I think the real reason is the current occupant of the white house. And his tendency to treat women. Calling them ugly, nasty. That’s the real reason why suburban women voted for Biden.

does it matter?

I will wait and see how she governs. A lot of folks say she will run in 2024. We still don’t know what Biden will do.

Could be…it’s valid claim. They aren’t able to overlook Trump personality even when it means jobs for their husbands…other women or even for their kids whether they’re coming out of high school of college.

It could be that suburban women saw that the Trump plan was more about jobs for their husbands than it was jobs for the women themselves.

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Nobody cared that Harris was on the ticket.

You don’t vote for the two slot.


I am unimpressed just like 98 percent of the D primary voters.

The perception is that she has not earned the position.

She also has the personality of a crooked snake.

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Retire gracefully with the happy knowledge that he made trump a one term president.



Health may force him out…then again Ted Kennedy was still Senator while in a coma for months.

I thought Trump would be happy with 1 term also.

Once they get in…they like to stay.

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The difference being Biden has common sense.

I will oppose him running for a second term.

We need fresh blood.


Adrenochrome is bad…Mkay?

Yeah, good for her. Too bad she’s going to screw it up by governing like a lib.

Vice Presidents don’t governor, they grovel.


You haven’t been following along. She won’t be VP for too long.

She be veep for 4 years.

Anything else is pure speculation.

I voted for the electors of biden not Harris for president.

I expect they will vote as such.