First 300 Ship Navy since about early/mid 2003

Quotation below is the official United States Navy Ship Battle Force as of June 29, 2020. The United States Navy has reached the plateau number of 300 for the first time since about early/mid 2003.

They want to reach 355 but that is a pipe dream. Pragmatically speaking, I would estimate they top out at about 320 to 325 in a few years. The money simply doesn’t exist for 355, particularly when you figure the money that must be sunk into Ford-class carriers and Virginia-class and Columbia-class boats.

Ship Battle Forces - 300

Aircraft Carriers

Class No. of Hulls
CVN 68 10
CVN 78 1

Surface Combatants

Class No. of Hulls
CG 47 22
DDG 51 68
DDG 1000 1
LCS 22


Class No. of Hulls
SSBN 726 14
SSGN 726 4
SSN 21 3
SSN 688 30
SSN 774 19

Amphibious Warfare Ships

Class No. of Hulls
LHA 6 2
LHD 1 8
LPD 17 11
LSD 41 8
LSD 49 4

Mine Warfare Ships

Class No. of Hulls
MCM 1 11

Combat Logistics Ships

Class No. of Hulls
AKE 1 12
AO 187 15
AOE 6 2
ESB 3 1

Fleet Support

Class No. of Hulls
AGOS 19 4
AGOS 23 1
AKE 1 2
ARS 50 2
AS 39 2
ATF 166 3
EPF 1 11
ESB 3 2
ESD 1 2
LCC 19 2

Auxiliary Support

Class No. of Hulls
HST 1 1

And it’s already been brought up by Safiel, but this number drops soon.

I know, no loss, and there’s been discussions about this. But just adding to the thread. And in nine months we’ve got some more Burkes coming in right? :grinning: I joke here because Safiel’s hatred of the LCS’s is pretty well known. It’s all in good fun.


I would love to line the LCS’s up over the Mariana Trench.

And take myself charge of an Arleigh Burke destroyer and have myself some target practice. :smile:

About all the LCS’s are good for in my book. :smile:

I’m no expert obviously. Flawed all around. But they’re good patrolling the Caribbean. And I kinda like the idea of a few of them operating out of Singapore. Maybe a few in Australia. Along with our Marine battalion we keep there. That’s just me.

They can be used in certain missions, such as anti-piracy and other situations. But they are simply not survivable enough to be used in any serious combat situation, other than against Iranian speedboats and other very small vessels.

The problem is that the Navy attempted to build a “jack of all trades” ship and what they got was a “master of none” ship.

No argument there. But, sink all of them? :grinning: Let them do their little things. I did wonder if the navy would try grouping three of them together with three different packages(mine, surface, ASW) with a Burke and make it a mini surface action group with decent AEGIS protection. And keep one of those operating out of Singapore.