FIREWORKS: Sarah Sanders EXPLODES on CNN’s Jim Acosta ON LIVE TV | Sean Hannity

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders ripped CNN’s Jim Acosta during her daily press briefing Thursday, firing-back at the reporter over a series of vicious attacks on her personal appearance and loyalty to her country.

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Sarah—know that us vets and deplorables love you and your dad. I think you are the best of the bestest ever in your job. Nobody has ever taken what you have and you have handled these bunch of snowflakes. One note: acosta loves acosta. SECOND: CNN had 28 seconds of air time about our heroes being shipped from North Korea in boxes----28 seconds. Other networks had zero----As a vet this pushed my button to watch Fox and that any network that would not honor our dead heroes who gave their lives so that snowflakes like acosta could seek self attention big time—MAKES ME SICK. Won;t give you my thoughts about accosting----not with that cry baby.

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Sarah’s reply, in fact the whole briefing does not come up for play. Click the blue arrow and nothing happens. This is not the first time that conservatives get the slient treatment.

what a weird “we the poor media” time nowadays

i suspect this attitude results from their ineffectiveness in destroying trump

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:rofl: we the poor cons! they make our videos not work right in our browsers because they can’t handle the truth!

yeah not like there are any lefties in millenial social media outlets or anything huh?! doing their best like cnn to right the world

oh wait sorry completely everyone’s imagination

Well I sourced this in other places. Sarah ccertainly did not shut Acosta down. But neither did she walk back any of the “enemy of the people” administration rhetoric regarding the media.

You don’t walk back what’s true!

Trump and Sanders don’t know what is true.



Video worked fine for me. I guess they really are out to get you. :ghost: