FIREWORKS: Acting Attorney General CUTS OFF Rep. Nadler Mid-Question, ‘Your Time Is UP’ | Sean Hannity

President Trump’s Acting Attorney General abruptly ended a line of questioning from Rep. Jerrold Nadler Friday morning; telling the legislator his “five-minutes are up” after he exceeded the agreed upon time limit.

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Having watched all the of the clips available at Fox of the Inquisition of the acting AG, I can sum up what I witnessed with: SUCH HATE. The left has deep hate for anything remotely connected to Trump. The behavior of the left at these hearings is rude, deep disturbing, and wholly bias. Hate is like acid to the body, mind, and soul. The acting AG did an excellent job of remaining cool, refusing to allow that hate to sway his behavior. This is a person of character. This is a rare sighting, indeed.

One thing on the funny side Bald is Bold.

I wish AG Whitaker posed this question to Mr. Nadler, please tell me the name of the person leaking the classified information to you.

I am not sure how Rep Jackson Lee got elected. She would have been fired in any job with her aggressive behaviour.

I hope Whitaker has someone guarding his back every where he goes after this because Nadler is going to be out for blood. He is going to do everything possible to destroy Mr. Whitaker, especially once the new AG takes over, because Mr. Whitaker made him look small and foolish without even trying.

The absolute HATE spewing from the left is absolutely outrageous.

Whitaker would have been better off pulling a Clinton - “I don’t recall”, “I don’t remember”.