Fires Burned at chinese consulate In Houston After U.S. Orders Them To Evacuate

Remember…Follow the money. China supports a lot of leftist causes in the US and the left love the money

china has now retaliated with an order to close one of our American consulates in their country.

Why don’t they do us all a real favor and kick American business out of their country??

Of course trump already ordered all American companies out of china last year.

Here’s hoping.

You are so out of touch with what the Trump administration has been doing to “mitigate the disease” that I can only assume your news sources are limited to globalist mocking-bird agencies.

You have no idea how on touch I am. Lol

Well as a lib I find this sad. Those documents contained our next marching orders.

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Just follow the idiot with the bullhorn.

Have they ever steered you wrong??

Interesting…Have you seen first hand how unprepared the hospital were,and in some case still are? Have you worked with patients that have Covid 19? Have you tried saving them even giving them CPR? Seen the pandemonium after the first death in United States…and hospital and CDC reaction?

And then getting it yourself? Battled it for 3 and half weeks? And then going back at it again to save lives in another state?

The government can only do so much…it’s up to good hard working people to do what government can’t do for em.

Your post demonstrated clearly that you have no idea, when you say that Trump has done nothing to mitigate the disease.

Yeah…to a lot of that. But stick with your own narrative Conan.

Agreed…but this centgov can and should be doing a lot more.

CDC been around for 70 years…70 years of planning for such event.

You think they failed? Please don’t make this about Trump now.

Why…would that hurt?

Amazing aren’t they? :roll_eyes:

You talking about me…I’m me not they…got a gripe say so. I won’t bite.

He told you the reason why… “the inept handling of the pandemic”.

What’s really getting old is people using the phrase “TDS” so they don’t have to explain the why. It’s a lazy, derivative talking point. Not an insightful psychological assessment.

Certain Governors and mayors are doing the same thing to their cities before they are made to vacate as well

How are those soy bean purchases going?