Fires Burned at chinese consulate In Houston After U.S. Orders Them To Evacuate

The State Department gave the chinese until Friday morning to clear out of their Houston offices. It appears several staff started a burn of documents shortly thereafter.

That’s too bad.

Oh well.

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Gee, I wonder why they’re burning documents. Hmmmmm.

One can only presume that the USA staff in China will just jump on the next aeroplane from China and leave all documents etc. behind.

The same reason any consulate would if they were ordered to close suddenly?

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We don’t burn docs; we have some seriously effective shredders.

Wasn’t really the point, but you set the tone nicely for the cliff-running herd.

I can only be left to wonder what this action, ordered by the administration, to close the consulate in Houston, will have on US Chinese relationship going forward. Considering the President of the United States has decided to blame the whole pandemic on the Chinese rather than do anything to mitigate the disease.

I know I know…Shut up Lib!

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That’s what I meant. The OP makes it sound like a big deal.

at least they didn’t use BleachBit

It will be interesting to see which American Consulate in China is closed in retaliation.

Burning might be more time efficient. I am sure a USA consulate or embassy in China might be afforded that opportunity in the not too distant future.

It is all about diverting attention from the inept handling of the pandemic by the Trump administration.

Was that one or more than one consulate?

I believe the United States currently has four consulates in China. The Chinese will likely close one of those in retaliation.

I thought I heard 5 but that might have included the actual embassy itself. The suggestion from the CNN correspondent was Wuhan as the one.

Be quiet lib

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Good, decouple their asses out of the Republic.

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TDS…blaming Trump without knowing the reason why.

Getting old man…real old.

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To the contrary; sheeting home the blame to where it lies - Trump.

Because accelerating the search for a vaccine and having the CDC provide information to the states on how to work with the worldwide pandemic is “doing nothing to mitigate the disease”.

Indeed, why blame China just because they did what they could to stop the disease from spreading within China but nothing to stop it from spreading world wide?

It is amazing to me that the left is outraged over Russia but loves them some communist China.