Fire at the historic Notre Dame Cathedral


This is like saying, hey, there are lots of really good painters, so the loss of the Mona Lisa is only temporary.

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Like the federal building in Oklahoma City.


There are people out that that still doing great pieces of work.


Conan was talking more about bending huge wooden beams which is common in ship building during that period, which no one does anymore.



There’s no need for claws. I’m not questioning your knowledge in the subject, just my own ability to understand it.

What you suggest (after a bunch of googling) seems very plausible, as a cause of this fire. I don’t know anything about construction, 17th century shipbuilding, or any of this. I don’t know enough about the subject to say any more - and I concede that you do.


It’s not really like that at all. Cathedrals are always getting renovated and many, including Notre Dame, have suffered a lot of damage over their lifetime. They always get rebuilt. The generation today may feel differently, but 300 years after it gets fixed it’ll still be a standing cathedral.


The building was looted and almost burned down after the French revolution.


Conan, that is an incredibly embarrassing comment. That offers absolutely zero consolation.




The White House was burned down by the British and rebuilt. Is it any less of a building today because of that?


The oldest part of the building is still standing, the original spire was destroyed and rebuilt once already, the most tragic part is the stuff on the inside the artwork, the stainglass from 1200’s.


I understand, it’s comments that I’ve been hearing around the net today. If it was a hot amber from torch down then this wasn’t an accident…it was outright carelessness. and thus the contractor should hide his face in shame for eternity.


I was thinking of the paintings. You’re right, they wouldn’t have been allowed to deface the building.


I can honestly say that I never expected this to happen - but I’m going to defend conan here.

In the context of the conversation, conan was discussing the ability of current artisans to accurately re-construct the cathedral - authentically, in the same way it was built the first time.

We still know how to make stained glass - and there are still people who devote their entire lives to it. We still have that skill.

There are other skills that went into building Notre Dame that we have lost - at least on the scale necessary to rebuild.

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Well it be the same, no. But as for class work the care, the craftsmanship that goes into it is no different then what they did hundreds of years ago.

And thus new artistes work will live on for next 800 years…as for them it will be an honor.


I agree - if responsibility for this lies with a single person, I feel that this is that lady who defaced the ancient painting and turned it into nonsense, on an exponential level.

I didn’t expect that something like this would have generated the emotional reaction within me that I experienced today.


The Canadian Parliament burned down 1916 it was rebuilt and the its still breathtaking.

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I was thinking of the paintings. But you’re right, they wouldn’t have been allowed to deface the building.


The conspiracies out there when the truth does come out…none of em are going to believe it.


There was strict rules about defacing historic sites and war memorials during WWII on both sides.