Fire at the historic Notre Dame Cathedral


Even some of the major stone structure is at a very real risk. Hard to watch.


The front towers are likely saved.


The prosecutor’s office in Paris has apparently “ruled out” arson or terrorism.

But no doubt posters on the internet, thousands of miles away from Paris know better. After all, it’s the “law of probability”.


You know where they get their news from.

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well Infowars is suggest it was a false flag, fake flames paid actors.!

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I think I know precisely what happen. I told you all. :sunglasses:


Have to say that sounds awfully premature as well.


I don’t disagree. It does sound premature to me as well.

I have no idea of whats going on, on the ground.


A torchdown accident caused by negligent workers?

I have no idea if you’re right, but it certainly sounds plausible.


Why would you try to rebuild it (if it had burned down) the way it was? It would be fake.


The day it opened, yes. It would feel fake. For me, it would feel fake for the rest of my life.

But a hundred years from now, someone is going to be standing in front of those two towers, and will feel the same feeling of awe that I felt when I stood there. Notre Dame was always a patchwork, changing over time. The spire that collapsed today was 600 years younger than the cornerstone.

My Grandfather’s Axe.


Adding to and repairing is not replacing.


That depends entirely on perspective.

I would (will) almost certainly feel the same way, should (when) they try to “fix” Notre Dame.

Someone born a hundred years from today will have a different perspective.


The most important part the front is still intact, though is unclear how much art was destroyed.


I wonder if the Nazis didn’t ransack the art when they occupied Paris. They did every where else they went. Goering had a brigade that did nothing but that- The Kunstschutz.


so much art was stolen by the Nazi good film about it.


Looks like a great flick. I’ll find it and watch it.
Thanks for that :smile:


Great story hidden gem.


I’m sure they did - they may have stolen some paintings off the walls - but most of the art of Notre Dame was in the building itself - and Hitler (or someone high in the Reich) had an appreciation for the building, and didn’t want it damaged.

That’s what I’ve heard.


It’s water proofing method that used in valleys, where the pitch of roof collided with a wall for a cricket roof/pitch…or roof to wall. In this case but looking at early photos of the fire it seem to originated around the base of spiral. So it would be around vertical posts that protrudes through the roof.

That’s all I can tell you being thousands of miles away. :wink: