Fire at the historic Notre Dame Cathedral


English started replacing French in 1919 at the end of WWI. It was complete by the end of WWII.

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No, Parisians are very much ■■■■■■■■ at every turn, and it is very specific to the City. Even French people straight up admit that…

The rest of France, and especially the south, is wonderful, including the people.


I could probably do better in French than trying to navigate British accents :wink:


My friend was sick. I politely asked two cops where a pharmacy is. They told me they are not tour guides.

She got sick and threw up in the bathroom at the base of the Eiffel Tower - the attendant called her an American pig.

Plus she was robbed three times - probably not by Frenchmen though.

I guess you.can get lucky but if you look like a stupid American tourist who will just butcher their language, God help you.

All told I had a great time anyway. Got see the sites once.


Paris is like the NY of France if your not from Paris they hate you.


I can read French a lot better than trying to decipher what I hear. That’s the hard part I think.


By you just fit in no matter who you are in nyc. I have to politely disagree.


The biggest unwritten rule is if you do not live in Paris and speak French, they will treat you like ■■■■■


shrug Not in my experience. But then most of my family speak French like natives and I just keep my mouth shut. Any heavy tourist area is going to have some people that hate tourists. Heck I hated summer tourists when I used to live at the beach.


I was treated really well in NYC.
The rudest people in the US are around Denver, CO.


One of the fire chiefs at the site was asked that question. And he said that yes, a water dump could have leveled the building.


We were treated great in London. Asked a guy where something was and he ran up the street and showed us. Never had an issue in nyc.


I thought that if I learned the language They would respect that my. Guess not.


Coloradans resent any outsider coming into their “beautiful country”. They are snotty as hell with tourists.
The funny thing is that tourism makes up about 75% of the state’s income.


They don’t even respect Quebecois we are not cool enough to be real Frenchman.

funny enough when Quebec was threatening to separate from Canada they asked if they could join France and they said no.


I wanted to go to Dever year B4 last. For the cannabis. But my state leagslized medical and I’m a patient. No need to visit Colorado. Well, except to see what John Denver was singing about.


That’s where I may practice my French. Aren’t they a cultural melting pot or or am I thinking of somewhere else in Canada.


Quebec is lovely place to visit, visit the old city.

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Do you live near there?


Nah I live in boring Ontario, love Quebec though. The old city is quite a nice place in the spring/summer Stay at the Chateau Fronenac.

I’m from a very old family in Quebec that moved into Ontario during Fur Trade before it was colonized.