Fire at the historic Notre Dame Cathedral


If you ever get a chance to visit Parliament in Canada the Peace Tower is a humble part of the tour, in the base of the tower there is a list of every Canadian solider to ever be killed. The floor is made up of stone froms from cities in Europe were Canadian fought.


That sounds inspiring.


Do you have titles of nobility in Canada? - Lords and Earls etc.


As an aside to some earlier comments.

The White House was gutted down it’s frame and totally rebuilt on the inside between 1948 and 1952 (the Truman restoration). The walls are literally the only remaining portion of the original building.


Canada itself has no peers system (so the Monarch of Canada doesn’t hand out titles) but a number of Canadian have been made peers (Lords) by French/British government who Canada respect their titles.

I think there is one French lineage left in Canada which dates back to the 1700’s

peerage is a weird concept I had to take a whole few weeks to really understand it.


The Royal Marines only burned down government building in the sacking of Washington as an act of revenge for the sacking of York (Present day Toronto) which they viewed as a failure of leadership because they attacked private homes, etc.


Judo, I’ve enjoyed the conversation. You’re an interesting and intelligent guy.


French billion is pledged 100 million dollar to the reconstruction of Notre Dame.

François-Henri Pinault — chairman and CEO of Kering, the French-based luxury group behind Gucci, Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent and other world-renowned brands — has pledged over $110 million towards the rebuilding of the Notre Dame cathedral.

Pinault, who is married to actress Salma Hayek, said in a statement that he plans to pay through his family’s investment firm, Artemis, for any work that needs to be done following Monday’s catastrophic fire, according to AFP.


The inside doesn’t look to damaged.


Fire at Jerusalem mosque.
Something’s going on, guys.


Whats the narrative?

Coincidences happen.


Whew thank goodness for the evil rich.


Later in 1944 Hitler ordered the complete destruction of Paris after it became clear that the Wehrmacht was going to have abandon the city.

The German general in command, who had a love of French culture and Parisian culture in particular, disobeyed a direct order from the commander in chief. Instead the Germans withdrew before the Free French and American forces entered the city.


The second or third holiest places in both Christianity and Islam break out in flame on the same day- Christianity’s Holy Week.
Yep, pure coincidence.

Here’s what I think- The mosque was torched in retaliation for Notre Dame, by people who think, rightly or wrongly, that Muslims set fire to Notre Dame.
The French early announcement that it wasn’t a terrorist act was an attempt to prevent something like this.


Over 20 years ago I lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A historic theatre in an old showboat on the river was being renovated. One day some construction guy with a welding torch tossed some sparks which lit the boat on fire and burned it up.

Muslims? I doubt it. Incompetent workmen? Yep.

Same thing probably happened here.


I didn’t know that. Thanks


I didn’t know that. Thanks.


Judaism, too.

The Temple Mount is the Temple Mount.

I think it’s a coincidence. We’ll see.


Not even sure it actually happened, the story of the mosque burning seems to have originated with sputnicknews. The only “reputable” source i can see that has picked up the story so far is Newsweek.


If you see a story that Trump is flying to Texas, how many reliable sources have to report it, before you believe it?