Fiorina: It's vital that Trump be impeached


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Let me translate, I speak Never Trump.

Carly was really saying: I desperately want attention, Romney gets attention and all he ever did was lose. I am corporate, and outsider, why doesn’t anyone want me to hold a rally. Why, why, why, what a world…

Just pitiful.


What did Carly (or Mitt) ever do? Neither of them ever had a reality TV show. :us::elephant:


The trial hasn’t been held yet. The voters haven’t yet learned the number of lies the Dems used in this hoax. Assuming a 50-50 split right now is not good for Dems who got to suppress evidence during the inquiry. The Repubs now will get to tell their side of the story. If they are smart, they will drag it out as long as possible to keep Dem lies front and center in the minds of the voters. Tie up Dem Senators during campaign time. Let the public see what the Dems actually did…

Biden isn’t President. Schiff isn’t president. Comey, Brennan and Clapper aren’t president. If you were refering to Trump, I think the word you were looking for was disinformation.

Sadly, that was not Never Trump speak.

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How did Dems suppress evidence?

Can you imagine anyone in the Senate listening to that face?


Yeah, but can she cook?

Surely voters will question why there were no witnesses that supported Trump’s actions. They will come to the obvious conclusion that there were no witnesses because there was no-one who could provide evidence to support Trump.

By exerting absolute control over the witnesses who could be called and the questions that could be asked. By secret meetings held behind closed doors.

Now Trump will have an opportunity to have everything come out and receive the due process the Constitution guarantees, including facing his accuser. That will reveal much of the whole hoax by itself.

No one held control over what questions could be asked. You think Dems controlled Idiot Nunes from continually blathering on about a debunked conspiracy theory on CrowdStrike? Nope. Dems let this idiot look worse and worse (while accepting money from a corrupt Parnas).

What secret meetings?

The same person that Trump claimed is treasonous and should be hung? The same person for whom several other witnesses have all corroborated the WB’s account?

Hey! I know! How about we make a fair deal - Hunter Biden and the WB for Mulvaney, Pompeo and Bolton? Deal? Sounds good to me.

How about we go back a little further and omit all the phony evidence and created narrative that paints Trump as an abuser of power to begin with. Then we can take his one statement/question in that entire phone call, agree that at least the optics of the situation was inappropriate but not worthy of this ■■■■■■■■ the Dems are pulling on the American people.

This whole circus is nothing more than a desperate partisan effort to carry out the stated goal of the Democrats from the very first day Trump took office. Impeachment. They got their wish, but it’s not going to turn out like they hope…

So your statements are false since you didn’t address any of them.

Again, what secret meetings?
What absolute control over questions?
At this stage, the whistleblower is of no use. And if Trump is not hiding anything and is innocent, why is it that the WH has turned over zero documents, Trump has demanded that his inner circle all refuse subpoenas? If this is such a circus, then all Trump has to do is turn over documents, let his inner circle testify under oath. It will set him free, right?

The only relevant evidence that was “suppressed”…either Trump did it himself by refusing to allow people who could supposedly exonerate him to testify or the GOP didn’t even ask for when they submitted their witness list.

And I see it’s Groundhog Day again with the “secret meetings” canard (to which the GOP members of the committee were invited) again.


Also Trump supporters, after the public hearings started “WHY ARE THEY HAVING THESE HEARINGS IN PUBLIC? NO FAIR!”

I guess some Trump supporters never get tired of being played…:roll_eyes:


Nah, they don’t mind it at all. The shiny object keeps changing, so they are not given any time to focus on anything.

, but wouldn’t rule out voting for him in 2020.

“It depends who the Democrats put up,” she said.


Any body who has ever watched an episode of Judge Judy knows what hearsay is. There is absolutely not one court in the United States, at any level, that would allow the hearsay evidence of a so called whistleblower to be the basis of impeaching a president. If the accused was any human being on the planet except the hated Donald Trump, Democrats would go back to understanding that truth too, but they pretend to not know the difference because to Dems the end justifies the means. There was no constitutional justification for what the Dems did.

Donald Trump is under no legal or moral obligation to cooperate in his own political lynching. But since the Dems finally got the flimsiest excuse they were looking for since January 20th 2017 to impeach , I hope Donald Trump gets a trial lasting 6-8 months. Call in lots and lots of witnesses that know absolutely nothing relevant, insist on the so called whistleblowers identity being revealed so he can testify- drag it out until next August keeping all involved Dem Senators stuck in DC so they can’t campaign through the year, and THEN drop all charges. Let’s see all the Dem tears when they realize they gambled everything for nothing, and lost anyway…

Trump did not make a friend when he said “Look at that face”.

That’s a lot of words for not answering 2 simple questions.

1 - What secret meetings?
2 - What absolute control over questions.

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