Fiorina: It's vital that Trump be impeached

““I think it is vital that he be impeached, [but] whether removed this close to an election, I don’t know. But I think the conduct is impeachable,” she told CNN.”

Mmmm, interesting bellweather. Not sure she’s gonna have a lot of Republican figures lining up behind her, but it’s not nothing.

The Fox News poll probably came as a shock to many Trump worshipers.

I don’t think it’s to relevant, or at least to the senate. I remember that she had a really good debate in the second tier in 2016 I believe on a Fox news debate but never could break out. She was considered a good candidate because of her business background like Trump and she never held public office. She kind of faded away after 2016.

Yep, over 50%.

McConnell et al aren’t stupid. If those numbers get worse…

She was the darling of the right for about a week in the R primaries.

I’m sure she’s a never-Trumper American-hating lib now.


Yeah it’s just interesting seeing a mainstream figure on the right step up. The polling will make the difference in terms of votes, but figures like Fiorina coming forward may tilt the polling.

It is pretty astonishing the numbers of Republicans that are clearly on board with publicly declaring Trump should be impeached for his obvious abuse of power, happen to directly correlate to the total numbers of Republicans not seeking elected office. It is almost as if everyone knows that Trump is guilty, but those who care about their own power will never admit as much.


They won’t get worse, and McConnell has his own re-election concerns. He will never allow his own chances to suffer by even giving the hint of distance between him and Trump on impeachment.

Probably why they want it done and behind them ASAP.

Then, Donny can roll out the “completely exonerated” line, again.

They are quiet a few that has stepped up but they have always been never Trump. Andrew Sullivan who I admire greatly absolutely loathes the president.

Why doesn’t the crusty old turtle hang it up and sip a mint julep in a hammock somewhere?

You want to end up dying on the Senate floor?

There’s more to life.


Power and its appeal is a heckuva drug apparently.

The is no way that Senator McConnell and Senate Republicans will vote to remove Trump from office. Most Senate Republicans and McConnell voted to give President Trump the power of the purse.


Which I don’t know how well that will work for the next year.

Does anyone seriously think that bad and damaging information coming out against the President is going to stop any time soon?

No, I’m sure you guys will stick a proctoscope up Trump’s ass and keep it there until 2024.

No need to use a proctoscope.

The field of bad and damaging things for the President is target rich.

It won’t go very far. Idiots like Nunes and McCarthy and Collins and Graham and McConnell are in the way.

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It’s a rescue mission.

Carly has an opinion and is free to express it. Unanimity among republicans is rare particularly among former political opponents.

I wanna try to be a good person but you arent letting me…blah blah

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