Finland to End Giving Free Money to the Jobless

It seems the Finnish government has decided to stop a program that gives money to the jobless with no strings attached. In a country with one of the most generous social programs this was deemed redundant.

I wonder if this really isn’t an idea whose time has not yet come. With more and more jobs being lost to automation pretty soon a guaranteed minimum income might be necessary. Seriously, if there are no jobs available what else could be done?

This from the NYT:

Nooooooo!!! Say it ain’t so!

The Finnish government was keen to see what people would do under such circumstances. The data is expected to be released next year, giving academics a chance to analyze what has come of the experiment.

In the meantime, Finland has already moved on to consider a broader revamping of its social service programs. It is studying a new form of social welfare policy now in effect in Britain: so-called universal credit, which rolls existing government aid programs into one monthly lump sum payment.

reading helps

Hmm… They’re not continuing with the program because their social policies are too effective. Ok!

Oh yes…let us let the ‘academics’ figure it out…all sucking of the taxpayer teat.

I read that, what’s your point?

wait and see what the research shows?

They run out???

I’m interested in seeing the findings. I made no judgement regarding the experiment other than to say it might be an idea that’s time has not yet come.

Run out of what? Money?

I wanted to leave it at that but I have to post more than 9 characters.

What a dumb rule. Yep was good enough for the old forum.

That is very plausible…

We call it the sneaky rule

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OPM. Otherwise known as OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY.

Socialism fails.

I’m curious to see what the data says.

It may be a meaningless distinction but in the US, cash compensation for the unemployed, like FICA, Obamacare, and mandatory auto insurance are mandatory insurance and thus technically not “free money.”

Because there is zero choice and single-payer in FICA and unemployment compensation this distinction is often iver looked.

It just forces me to say more than I want to say…LOL

Jobs will not be lost to automation overall. They said the same thing about the industrial revolution,but more jobs will be created. Jobs will be better in fact. People will be wealthier, if we don’t give govt all the power because of our fear of the future.

And if you think the future is full of job shortages, why do you want open borders?

If you get a basic income, a free home, and medical coverage, why would you get a job? Just stay home and have fun.

Get my name out your mouth lib.