Fine Example of Ark State Trooper

Usually seasoned officers dont act so reckless. This trooper should be prosecuted. It rerally does give all officers a bad name. It should take the Watch Commanders approval before a trooper is authorized to execute such a dangerous maneuver,

Funny how they allow people to steal/rob stores, steal cars etc and nothing. But don’t go over the speed limit and heaven forbid don’t look for safe place to pull over.


I wonder how this trooper would have felt if there were two or three preschoolers in the back.

At least the trooper is good with his actions. He feels his conduct was completely reasonable.

His actions were those of an objectively reasonable officer.

I know we have a lot of pro-police here on this board. Just curious how many of the members on Hannity feel his actions were reasonable?

I’m pro police in general(you have to have some law or the gang bangers will run everything…in some places they are already) but they have a bad egg here and there that need to be weeded out.

This guy was ridiculous. This lady could have easily been killed.


I think I speak for all those here whom are more pro-police. We recognize that police are human beings and are not robots. They have feelings and emotions like the rest of us. We also recognize that there are some jackass cops. We also agree that police reform is not unreasonable and may very well be beneficial.

Regarding this specific incident it seems like if the person has put their hazards on and slowing down it seems like the officer could have given this more time to play out.


Contempt of Cop. Didnt stop immediately. Deserves what they get. So what if someone or their kids get killed. That’ll teach 'em.

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Maybe he’ll get a statue for assaulting a pregnant woman.

Wouldn’t be the first.


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I’d have to agree. This was a simple speeding ticket, why PIT the car. Neither of those shoulders were wide enough for a car to pull on to safely.

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For all he knew there could have been, and there was at least one in the oven.

Easy to second guess. Driver probably should have pulled over immediately. Cop shouldn’t have been so quick on the trigger.

Courts will have to decide this one.

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She kept driving down the road to pull over in a safer location.

I’ve done the same thing several times. I put on my flashers and slow down and pull over when it’s safe to pull over.

Yep! I don’t fault her for her actions. Reading the story, I believe the Trooper might have been a little quick on the draw. but I wasn’t there so I am in no position to say one way or the other. Will be anxious to see how this plays out in court.

Here is less “news” and more dash cam of the incident being discussed…

Cop has been on the force for 27 years and is a Corporal? Is that normal? This stinks. He could have killed her. And her baby.

He should be prosecuted severely. The remedy exceeded the problem by a long shot and it isn’t even questionable.


I wouldn’t think so. He should have made Sergeant by now. Realistically years ago. It would be nice to see his work records.

Agree completely. The driver did nothing to indicate she was attempting to flee other than to not pull over immediately. As soon as she slowed down and put the flashers on, even I suspected she was looking for a safe place to pull over before it was even mentioned. It was kind of tight on the right side.

That’s horse ■■■■ . She wasn’t fleeing. She is right is wasn’t safe.

Another one.

He had no business stopping her and definitely no business putting his hands on her. Handcuffs.