Find any Trump Russia collusion yet?

Seems all hopes are pinned on Cohen composing about Prague…

Two years and noting but low quality indictments by the Enron/Ted Stevens crew…


Just two years.

Still waiting for the Mueller report. Film at eleven.

Yes… Any day now. The big news will hit… Poor deluded lefties…


Agreed. Two years and all they’ve done is prosecute a bunch of nobodies.

Manafort was a campaign manager? Low level employee.

NSA Flynn? Probably not that important.

Long time personal lawyer to Trump, Michale Cohen? Just some guy Trump used to funnel money through.


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Certainly, nothing related to collusion… Yes, perhaps Cohen will compose under the pressure of the inquisition…

I agree. This “witch hunt” has had more indictments, guilty pleas and prison sentences than anyone could believe.

Precisely. They shouldn’t even be prosecuted for any crimes if they weren’t colluding. Manafort deserves a presidential pardon and medal of freedom for not admitting he broke any laws.

The deluded are those who will not admit that Trump is a crook and con man.


Are you asking for leaks from the Mueller report before it is completed?

These threads are odd, it’s like proclaiming at half time of a game that “haha, no one has won!”.


Funny how this witch hunt is finding so many actual witches.


Mueller is cool.


So, did thew actual witch hunts… I guess you believe in witches, lol!

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There has been a lot of collusion found.

Was going to end, when Clinton lied to the grand jury…

Really gearing up for the House to actually run oversight on the administration instead of running interference.

It is going to be a bumpy ride for you guys.

Yes… with Hillary and Russians…

Fascinating. Lol

No one will care… It’s an old story. But, dems will keep it up to hide thier lack of ideas.