Finally took the big step today marriage!

I don’t usually post pictures of myself or family on the net but I think most people on this forum are pretty good people on both sides, and I am in a cheerful mood so here we go, I hope am not violating any rules. I was going to post this and have been talking about it a bit on the conservative forum page here but I have met so many nice people on the left so I wanted to share with everyone.

I managed to stay unmarried for 38 years two days ago was my birthday, she’s a really good girl and I think if I would’ve kept her my fiancé another six months she probably would’ve left I kept her on the fence for many years plus the big 40 isn’t to far away so it was also a now or never feeling.

My mother of course after crying the whole time is talking grandchildren which I don’t know if I can do all that or would even be a good father for that matter. Anyways I just wanted to share this with everybody whether a republican-democrat-progressive-conservative everyone should strive for happiness and family it is literally everything and everything else is so small in importance compared to it.

I have met a lot of good people on this forum, it’s the only forum I use at this point other than Twitter (My guilty pleasure) so many people here who talked with me while I had the coronavirus as well as people giving me advice on other issues I was interested in, thank you all I have learned a lot as well as quiet a few of my political positions has changed from talking with people here. I know in terms of political candidates sometimes they refer to that as flip-flopping but I think it’s a
good thing to keep and open mind.

Which is why it’s very important to make sure free-speech is upheld that way people like me who is a second generation immigrant from Germany and a very staunch conservative has shifted some to the left from my talks here. Trust me when I say this they are few that carries more guilt if I wanted to hold onto it than me. There was the little thing that happened in Germany which was one of the factors of the move to the U.S. before I was born and then the white guilt in America so I have a full basket full of it if I ever need to dip into it. We visit my grandparents on my father side all the time in Germany they are very good people but I’m assuming on my mother side they were some very bad apples since she never mentions them and has no photos of them.

Anyhow it was a great day the only thing that sucks is all of her family is out of the country except for her sister so they couldn’t come to the wedding and only a few of my family could make the trip from Nashville to Seattle so it was very small as in like 10 people but still it is done (nervous rambling). Since we can’t go on a fancy honeymoon we’re just going to go a private retreat in the mountains not to far off for four days. Peace :v:



Congrats Axxowiz.

You guys have a happy and wonderful honeymoon and life together.

And the same from me. Congratulations. I hope you enjoy one another’s company for a long time ahead.


Marriage is a wonderful way to be.

Congratulations! My condolences! :grin:

Wishing you and your wife many years of happiness.



Congratulations! You two kids were looking very sharp

And leave it to Mom to ask about grandkids the second you get married - that’s on page 1 in the official Mom guide.



Congratulations! You look very happy! And hey… better get started on that baby. As they say practice makes perfect :wink:

Congratulations! I hope you grow old together and each day is better than the last!

Congratulations and best wishes for both of you.

Congratulations. Tell her a stranger on the internet really loves her veil.

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Nah Congratulations


Congratulations :partying_face: Nice to see members by the way if they are comfortable with it why not.

Congratulations! Beautiful couple! I wish you many many happy years ahead! Love!

Thanks to :pray: all we are leaving in an hour will be back Monday evening will check back in. You guys are great - including the girls here as well :slight_smile:

In true female fashion when I showed her that I put a picture up of us she said “You can’t even see me in that picture” :slight_smile: so one more again thanks to all.


Thanks LucyLou

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