Finally the official word is out, Judge Murgia is a dirt bag

The second link is to the final order of the Judicial Council of the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit officially and publicly reprimanding United States District Judge Carlos Murgia.

  1. Sexual harassment - check.
  2. Having an extra-marital affair with a convicted state felon - check.
  3. Habitually tardiness to court proceedings - check.

At least the Tenth Circuit burned him but good with the reprimand, part of which goes as follows:

Despite these assurances, we note that Judge Murguia was less than candid with the Special Committee. When initially confronted with the allegations, he did not fully disclose the extent of his misconduct. He tended to admit to allegations only when confronted with supporting documentary evidence. His apologies appeared more tied to his regret that his actions were brought to light than an awareness of, and regret for, the harm he caused to the individuals involved and to the integrity of his office. Moreover, his misconduct is very serious and occurred over a lengthy period.

Does he cleanup his act in the long term? As far as the sexual harassment goes, probably yes, now that it is out in the open. The convicted felon is back in prison for probation violation, so that is off the table for the moment. As for the tardiness, we will see. If I was an attorney, I would be documenting every court appearance with him and if he is late, I would be telling the Tenth Circuit each day it happens and how late he was.

This case is closed and he faces no further sanctions. The Tenth Circuit indicated the behavior did not rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors, so they will not forward the case to Congress for impeachment consideration.

But I am glad to see this dirt bag has finally been publicly outed.

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Why don’t they just go ahead and remove the dirtbag from the bench?

Judicial council can’t do that and they don’t feel there is enough here to warrant impeachment.

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It’s always disturbing they have such a low bar for their own.

They put defendants in prison for a “lack of candor”.

He still has about 3 years until he qualifies for retirement under the Rule of 80, which would be on his birthday in 2022.

That’s just wrong. :rage:

ugh that is awful.

People can write their local Representative and request they consider impeachment. Congress can proceed with impeachment even without a recommendation from the Judicial Conference.

It should be noted his younger sister is on the Ninth Circuit. At least she has stayed out of trouble. :smile:

Which we both know would get zero traction.

This is a weakness of the federal system. I believe he should not continue to hold office, but I understand impeachment is not plausible in this situation.

Florida has an excellent system for policing the bench (and the bar in general). It has a Judicial Conduct Commission and the commission can recommend up to removal from office. The Florida Supreme Court can formally remove any Judge (other than a Supreme Court Justice) from office and disbar any member of the bar. Supreme Court Justices are only subject to impeachment or to removal by the voters every six years.

And they have been very quick to remove bad Judges from office in Florida. Unfortunately, it would require a Constitutional Amendment to create such a system at the federal level.

Report him to the bar and see if they can jerk his license but then that would require other lawyers to make the filing.

They do a horrible job of policing their own.

Bumping this thread in light of new developments, as it provides background for the new thread.