Finally a bit of respect for Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

LPD-30, a future Amphibious Transport Dock, has officially been named the USS Harrisburg.

While not technically the first USS Harrisburg, the first use of the name long term for a purpose built warship.

There was a USS Harrisburg in 1918 during World War I, but it was an Auxiliary Cruiser, essentially a civilian ocean liner with a few guns mounted to its deck. Its activities were limited to transporting American troops to, and later from Europe during World War I.

Kind of interesting with the hundreds of vessels built during World War II, there never was a Harrisburg.

I know Dover, Delaware is trying to get a ship. :smile:

What we really need is a new USS Brooklyn.


What we really need is a USS Donald Trump!

Already done.



His ego would never allow that to happen, he would probably bring back one of the retired battleships and arm them with 20 inch maga guns that blast Ride of the Valkyries between firings.


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And in the interest of being even handed, the USS Barack Obama. :smile:


USS Dotard

Why does Harrisburg deserve respect?
Has Harrisburg fallen out of favor because PA Gov Wolfie lives there or something?

It’ll have a large aft section…amirite? :sunglasses:

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Looks more like a USS GW Bush.

Uhh there is no “USS GW Bush”. There is however the “USS GHW Bush” Nimitz Class Super Carrier

And to be fair, the “USS Barack Obama” exists in Call of Duty/ Blacks Ops video gaming. You know, make believe computer fantasies.

Pennsylvania was one of the original 13 States. In all that time, its only had one temporary ship named after its capital. I think that after 230 years, it is beyond time for a purpose built, long term vessel named USS Harrisburg.

Albany has had 5 different ships named after it. Hell, even Pierre, South Dakota has gotten its second ship. I think Harrisburg deserves a turn. :smile:

But only small hands.

Almost perfect, but that garbage barge should be on fire.

It’ll be spray-tan orange, and the mess halls will only serve KFC.

Sarcasm. I’m a native Pennsylvanian myself from a little ole Steeltown in WPA known for a six time Super Bowl Championship Football Team, Heinz Ketchup (although I think it’s made elsewhere now) and a local tavern/ resteraunt that makes sandwiches regardless of choice comes with French fries piled in between the thick bread slices too.
Good to hear Harrisburg is getting recognition.