Final 1st Quarter GDP: Revised down to 2%

So the final reading of 1st quarter GDP is out and it was revised down from 2.2% to 2%.

Still fine. I mean campaigning Trump would call this a disaster. Everyone expects 2nd quarter to be better. But I think that 5% prediction is crap. Moody’s seems to be the best and they moved it down to 3.9% projection.

Nothing will get the second quarter revised down like an old fashioned trade war.

I’m thinking the 2nd Q will look good, but if Trump continues with the trade war, we could see some petty rough numbers for 3Q.

I think that he second quarter will be flat in comparison to the 1st quarter and if we continue on this path the third quarter being the start of a bloodbath.

Then the Dems take the house and get blamed for it.

I don’t know, 2nd quarter is almost done and it seems to have gone fine. I’m still betting on 3 and a half ish.

I think 2Q GDP will come in at the consensus 3.5% which mean around 2.7 or 2.8% growth for the first half of the year. Decent.

Calculated risk says " private inventory investment and personal consumption expenditures (PCE) were revised down" for the 1Q


I fully accept that my opinion could be wrong.

Not 4%?

“We’re bringing it (the GDP) from 1 percent up to 4 percent. And I actually think we can go higher than 4 percent. I think you can go to 5 percent or 6 percent.” -Trump

Stupid libs. When you report that the economy isn’t doing well you’re actually causing the economy to not do well. The economy is like Tinkerbell in that you have to believe in it or it will die. If everyone would just stop listening to people who want to tell us the economy is doing mediocre, and instead just believe the economy is growing at 10% or more, then it will happen!

Don’t you want to Make America Great Again?

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Democrat obstruction!


Trump’s hoping his tax policy makes a difference, and it won’t be felt right away. It will slowly start to snowball and grow, if his policies work.

If we had a congress with vision, we’d have more economic changes helping to grow the economy. For now, we will just have to rely on Trump’s tax law, and the regulatory changes he is making.

He’s still working on trade policies, which will also impact the economy. Take a look at our economic numbers once his trade policies and tax laws are working together. however, I don’t think that will happen for another year.

Can you explain how that will increase GDP?

I love the idea that they know the tax cuts will work at some point in time but have no idea when.

Basically if at any point in time the economy does better, then it’ll be because of the tax cuts.

I wish I could operate that way.

Steady growth would have been fine in a climate in which the Republican Congress and President didn’t blow up up long term budget with massive tax cuts on the rich based on the nonsensical premise that we would see growth magically double. Instead, the same people tossing money at billionaires will now be demanding the most vulnerable of Americans take yet more blows in order to make up the difference, all while being cheered on by “The Forgotten Man” who is too ignorant and brainwashed to realize he is being ****** over yet again.



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His trade policies are destroying the cheese industry, the soy industry, the california wine industry, a US nail manufacturer, Harley Davidson and many, many more american companies.

I would post more in the National Debt threads but Trump Republicans stopped creating them.


Agree, That’s why the economy under Obama wasn’t growing 4%+, all that negative con talk…talking down the economy, the bastards.

That was libs intentionally sabotaging the economy, so that they could have something to blame Trump for.


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