FIERY EXCHANGE: Huckabee Sanders EDUCATES Reporter On Illegal Immigration | Sean Hannity

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders swiped at the Obama administration during her daily briefing Monday, saying the Trump White House will never “walk around making up laws” when it comes to immigration.

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The democrats do not want an immigration bill because they want to bring it up every election taking place. They also use granny over the cliff, more taxes, more regulations and open borders. They have been using this for over 50 years in there platform. The democrats are clueless on how to help U.S. citizens but they sure help illegals. The cost of illegals has to be over 1/2 trillion federal dollars and then add the states what they pay. This should stop we have veterans living in tent cities and need help and not one illegal should be put ahead of our veterans.

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I think my new hero is Sarah Huckabee Sanders! I think she needs a Wonder Woman costume to wear everyday for her daily press discussion. She has to be the strongest woman on earth!

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You got that right!!

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I LOVE Sarah Huckabee Sanders. You Go Get 'EM Girl!

I thought she was always civil…she lied again?