Female athlete complains about competing against transgender males


I’m sure there’s a number of doctors and pharmaceutical companies raking in the bucks.

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Not nearly on the same level as BJJ…haven’t you ever watched Gracie vs Severin for crying out loud.

I thought libs believe in Darwinism? Natures way of evolution

You ever been in combat? It’s not nearly on the same level as Gracie.

It took 9 seconds from the time he allowed her to take him to the ground before she could secure a submission.

Sloppy work, begging to get slammed out of that hold.

Great teamwork. One question: Why isn’t the guy standing on the girl’s shoulders?

Good to see women standing up for themselves…


Believe the women!

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Has anyone said women should not be allowed to compete with men, or men with women?

The issue is whether men should be allowed to impose their participation in women’ only events, or women impose their participation in men only events.

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I am glad to see some sanity is raising it’s head and trying to be fair to female athletes.

Now just look at the posts in this thread who obviously must be against this fair and rational decision?


And that’s one baby step closer to chemically mutilating small children - the end goal of all of this.


Precisely…now they have a reason to immolate their children. Sic…


I don’t believe you will see many women competing as men in sporting events that rely on physical strength. That, in and of itself, shows just how unfair it is to allow men pretending to be women to compete.