Female athlete complains about competing against transgender males

This trans sports thing is misogynistic toxic masculinity.


Can’t think of any, if biology doesn’t convey an advantage it is doubtful it was ever segregated by sex to begin with.

I can’t think of any either. This is the closest thing I’ve found.

Problem is this is a trained combat female taking on non combat trained males. While the endurance is quite impressive, it’s almost predictable.

Is competitive bass fishing coed? It should be.

Don’t they pick the winner by size? Are male or female bass bigger?

lol. I was talking about the people on the other end of the line. :nerd_face:

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That video doesn’t prove anything. The guy in the video could be drunk or stoned for that matter, or maybe he just liked be touched by her. As mma fan I laughed at the talk about Amanda Nunes (and before her Ronda Rousy) beating male mma fighters. What these idiots failed to remember was that Amanda Nunes barely beat a 125 lb pretty blonde hair girl (Valentina Shevchenko). Not only would Nunes lose to any high level 135 lb male mma fighter she would also lose to any same caliber 125 lb male as well.

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Female bass average bigger than males.

If you actually watch the video, it’s one female BJJ specialist taking on several HS wrestlers.

Like I said, the endurance is impressive, but that is about all. You put any black belt combat sport trained person against non combat sport trained people, and you get a squash match (or a series of squash matches in this case).

Wrestling isn’t a “combat sport” (which is an oxymoron)?

It clearly displays how stupid and arrogant the world is, cheating thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of females, who have worked hard and practiced for years, out of their rightful chance to honestly compete, for a handful of confused, cheating individuals that are being propagated by the dumb ass woke among us…looking at their fake V on their foreheads.


Oh…tell me this wasn’t intentional? Since he/she came in last, it’s all good now…amirite? :roll_eyes:

I saw this ass do this once before and intentionally lose.


I’ve heard a pretty high percentage comit suicide within a few years of their surgery.

Yes. It was a sad road that led to where they were when that decision was made and in most cases, all that was done, is exacerbate the “problem” in what ever that actually was.

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From a mediocre standing as a male to 1st as a fake female(still a male actually). :roll_eyes:


You telling me you have never regretted a decision you have made even after having put a substantial amount of thought into it?


There’s a high suicide rate among trans people in general.

You think being marginalized by people who don’t seek to understand, but merely to ridicule, has absolutely nothing to do with that?

I think there’s a huge number of people that chose to get tattoos today that are going to regret that decision tomorrow?


Ok…and? This means tattoos are an abomination?

Nope…just an observation regarding the time we’re in and correlating it to your post. As far as an abomination…not necessarily but…some of them definitely are. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass: