Female athlete complains about competing against transgender males

Everything was better under Trump.


In fact, Biden is so screwed up that he’s rarely allowed to even take a question. And when he does, it must be from an approved source. If he tries to wing it, they cut off his audio.

Your idiot couldn’t manage a tee ball team.

Um, how do I treat a guy pretending to be a woman exactly?

They aren’t women. They aren’t men.

Do you have sympathy for people who think women shouldn’t be allowed to vote? Do you have sympathy for people who think all women should be stay at home trad wives?

Well, that isn’t the issue, is it?

If somebody can injure her testicle training for a meet, she is not a woman.

Biden does. He put them in charge of Afghanistan. If you lose sleep over the possibility of this happening here, maybe you should see someone.

Mostly things you all oppose:
Pushing for masking and vaccination.
Pushing for policies that end discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.
Reversing Trump’s ban on transgender people serving openly in the military.
Rejoining Paris climate agreement.
Rejoining the WHO.
Not being an ■■■■■■■■
Not saying things like the press is the enemy of the people.

This isn’t hard. You treat trans women as women and trans men as men.

You can’t answer the question?

So you think we should have stayed in Afghanistan longer?

This isn’t hard.

Do you allow somebody with a weenie to pound the crap out of somebody with a vajay-jay?

Nope, sorry. I have nothing in common with a dude wanting to get a pedicure with me.

I already explained what I think should have happened. At least three times. Do you really want me to do it again? Why?

The question isn’t relevant because it isn’t an issue.

Genitalia aren’t a source of power when fighting someone.

You assume. You can’t truly know without being a brain reader.

You’re hopeless. Believe what you choose.

No, I don’t actually care.

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Well since you are asking questions that you don’t actually want the answers to, maybe you should take a break from this forum for a few days? It’s ruining your brain.
I’m off to the Gym!

Oh come on know, this one goes a little too far. There are real men who don’t have any desire to be women who get pedicures. I have been going with my daughter ever since my wife passed away when my daughter was teen.

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