Female athlete complains about competing against transgender males

What the final straw that breaks them because they are a man posing as a woman or whatever?

What about “me”? What about “my” final straw?

Husband just asked for a divorce? Just lost your job? Just had a miscarriage?

I have to say there are bigger problems in this world than being mislabeled.

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Everybody carries their own burdens, that is very true.

And it may seem a little thing, someone addressing you wrong. But as you said, for most people including yourself, that doesn’t happen often because it is fairly obvious who you are.

But if we can just be nice and do the little things, then we can concentrate on the bigger things without distraction. We might still have to deal with bad things, but living in a nicer world might make that easier.

Folks commit suicide for various reasons.

Most feel like there is no hope. No solutions.

Gay is not the cause of your Uncle’s suicide.

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I don’t know. He died when I was around 10 years old. He was my Mom’s brother and their side of the family was strictly Roman Catholic and overtly homophobic, they still are. He even went so far as to marry a woman a few years before his death, but that fell apart fairly quickly.

It wasn’t uncommon to see suicide in gay men back in the day, but times have vastly improved for them.

It hasn’t been uncommon for gay men to not commit suicide, either. It isn’t uncommon for gay men to be Roman Catholic.

There is probably a whole lot more to the story than you know. I hope one day you find the answers and can put his soul at peace.

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Clinical depression is probably the main cause. When people suffer from breakdowns they are ridiculed instead of treated. Look at the abuse Simone Biles had to put up with. We suck at this.

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I agree. Folks really need support networks. Not everyone can handle what life throws at them with superhero deflections.

And yes. We do suck at this.

Some people’s brains are not wired for happiness. That’s just the sad truth.

Brains can be rewired. It is the same as beginning a workout program.

It takes effort. The neural pathways can be re-routed.

It’ll be just like women’s rights, black people’s rights, and gay rights. If history is any guide the right will eventually come around, and in fact younger conservatives already are.

Let me know if you ever start using any so I can learn.

And some people’s brains are not wired for the gender that corresponds with their biological sex.

Well, I will just thank you for being a major participant in nearly all of my threads. I get hundreds of views cuz of folks like you.

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You keep providing the low hanging fruit and we’ll keep picking it! :wink:

Said the dude who voted for the morons who screw up everything they touch.

Come around to what exactly?

My brain isn’t wired to accept anything but male or female.

Where is your sympathy for me? Or are you saying these folks are less than me so I should be the bigger person?

Biden has been far from perfect but still much better then Trump. I don’t regret voting Trump out.

Treating transgender people as the gender they identify as. Not being offended by the existence of trans women.

What has Biden done that is much better than Trump on what is best for the United States of America?