Female athlete complains about competing against transgender males

You are born a male or a female.


Folks can take hormones, identify how they want to. I really don’t care.

But I do care about men who are such losers that the only way they can be winners is to identify as a woman.

A woman is so much more than the stereotype men wanna be’s think they are.

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Yes, it does.

Let the trans folks have their own categories.

Stop with the pretend to be female.

You think men, go transgender, just to win at sports?

Name one…

Geeze. Do you see the thread topic?

You deny intersex people exist?

What a ■■■■■■ and ignorant thing to say.

I’m having trouble parsing this. Did you mean “woman wanna be’s”?

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There exist no cis women who can beat a cis man in a fight?

Your opinion is noted.

You first.

Nope. It’s an anomaly. Those who force it are also an anomaly.

What an ignorant thing to disregard.

No. I mean men who wanna be a woman and have some kind of messed up idea of what that means.

Are you actually looking at the topic of the thread or is this a generic, “20 year old woman with a black belt fends off a deadbeat meth head”?

I am female and damn proud of it. I resent men trying to pretend they are females.

As if a female can be defined by hormones. That is just sick beyond belief.

Let me guess. You’re a guy.

I see it. He converted just to win?

Then read it again.

I thought we had all agreed that gender norms are obsolete?

Im asking you, since you seem quite sure.

He converted just to win? He didn’t really want to be a woman… but winning was important enough to go through hormone therapy?

“They say there are differences between the brains of females and males.”

I am not saying thing is a wrong statement I actually agree, but you do know this sentence runs smack into one of the key arguments used by feminists that there is no difference between the male and female brain.

Transgender people and gay people are anomalies. Doesn’t mean its okay to ■■■■ on them.

There’s not to regard. It was an ignorant assumption.

Was the difference between a “woman wanna be’s” and “men who wanna be a woman”? They sound the same to me.

I’m neither a deadbeat or a meth head and a woman with a yellow belt would easily kick my ass because I don’t know any karate. Assumptions aren’t facts, they are assumptions. Not all men are the same and not all women are the same.

I know.


They aren’t. Transgender people don’t believe hormones change them from a woman to a man or vice versa. They believe they bring their bodies closer in alignment with their gender identity.

I am, but I know plenty of women, my wife included, who agree with me.

Gender norms as something to confine acceptable behavior should, imo, be obsolete, but clearly there are still people who cling to them. This doesn’t mean there aren’t differences between the genders.

Well then. That does not make them a man or a woman does it?

It makes them a category of their own.

Treat them as such in sports and keep them out of women’s sports.

Do your job, pay your taxes. Be a good neighbor.

Don’t pretend to be a woman so you can beat up on women.

There’s no single core feminist tenet other than the idea that women are at least equal to men. Also feminism predates a lot of brain studies and therefore some opinions have no doubt changed.

Your opinion is noted.

That’s not within my power. I only have my opinions.

No one is.