FEMA offical arrested and charged with stealing 1.8 billion in relief funding for Puerto Rico

Income tax is exactly what I specified to begin with. Their social security and medicare taxes were not used for reconstruction.

They are part of the United states

Brilliant deduction!

This doesn’t relate to white fish. This relates to the company hired when demands were made that the white fish contract be dumped.

Read the article in the op.

This wasn’t the Whitefish contract.

The Cobra contract is the second energy deal to come under scrutiny from federal officials in the wake of Hurricane Maria. The first contract, awarded to Whitefish Energy, fell apart after a Washington Post story reported that Whitefish was an inexperienced company with only two full time employees.

When Whitefish pulled off the job. Puerto Rico had no complaints about the companies employee’s the brought in or the work.

So lets see. No arrests in relation to the white fissh contract, no indication of any kick backs, payoffs or anything. But YOU think they would have been knocking on the doors there. Had there been ANY evidence, they would have made arrests for BOTH contracts.

Seem’s like this was payoff to unions to get the contract like they wanted when they demanded WhiteFish (300 million contract) be cancelled and a new 1.6 billion contract awarded.

What happened to the days of the $10k-30k pay offs. Ya no ones going to miss 1.8 billion.

Same here. I wondered how can he amass what was necessary to do this job with what he historically had available?

I know…that will go unnoticed…

A lot of people didn’t know that. Trump just found out too.

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They still got hosed. Some things mean more than tax funds. You know, like lives and livelihood.


Surprise we all get that.