FEMA offical arrested and charged with stealing 1.8 billion in relief funding for Puerto Rico

Talk about scum of the earth stealing 1.8 billion in relief funding, a number of people question this deal when it was first announced because the company only had two full time employees.

Topline : A top FEMA official was arrested Tuesday after being indicted for taking bribes from the president of an Oklahoma-based energy company—who was also arrested—in exchange for a contract to rebuild Puerto Rico’s power grid after Hurricane Maria struck the island in 2017

FEMA Official, Energy Contractor Arrested In Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Corruption Probe.

In before " Obama Holdover"

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I remember reading about that guy back when he got the contract and wonder how the hell he got awarded that contract.

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a company that has been around less then a year with only two employee landed a contract to rebuild the entire power grind of the Island.

that fish stunk from day one glad the DOJ followed up on it.

Yup. Two bad eggs that hopefully both spend a long time in prison.

And unless someone can show otherwise I don’t think it has anything to do with either political party.

The more money involved the less it involves one side.

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Yep, it seemed corrupt from the start because the guy at the time basically had no assets to use to do the repairs and construction. He basically built the company off of this deal.

Never should have even been considered for a job that massive with no history or resources.

As a follow up: my question is: how was just one person responsible for deciding on a contract for that much money?

It was an emergency so it bypasses the regular contracting procedures for gov’t jobs.

That was Whitefish. Had Wapo not reported on them early causing them to lose their contract they’d probably have been woken up by early morning knocks today too.

This tiny energy company has only two full-time employees, and surprised many when it received a $300 million no-bid contract to help rebuild Puerto Rico’s electrical grid. Whitefish has never worked on a project of this size.

That was just all kinds of wrong.

Seems obvious.

Unless Whitefish was the legit contractor all around, had a tenuous link to zinke, and when they lost the contract these far more unscrupulous actors moved in.

Either way, Puerto Rico got hosed.

Didn’t cost PR a dime, it cost the US Taxpayers a bundle.

Their power grid is still getting rebuilt at our expense.

Time is money. Some areas took more than a year to get power restored, due to the corruption in the op.

And the cost to Puerto Rico went far deeper than dollars and cents.


You say that like they are not American citizens.

Puerto Ricans don’t pay US income taxes.

And once again, the money came out of our pockets, not theirs.

They paid 3.1 billion in federal taxes last year.

Only federal workers and those working in the US have to pay and some who have other incomes coming from the states to PR.

income tax isn’t the only form of tax.

they pay federal payroll taxes, SS tax, Medicare tax.