Felix Sater Sued for Money Laundering

I am surprised that it took this long and I didn’t expect for a Kazach bank to take the lead, but Felix Sater is being sued over his involvement of laundering money through Trump Soho while working with the Bayrock Group.

The spiderweb of money through Bayrock is quite crazy.

Here is an article about the seemingly endless amount of money that Bayrock was able to tap into via an Icelandic investment firm.


I cannot help but wonder if Mr. Sater is one of those people referred to other DA’s by Mueller through his investigation.

He was do to testify before the House Intel committee, but it was just postponed.

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I think they may scrap it altogether after the Mueller report. Which is fine by me. They can focus their oversight efforts into areas not covered by Mueller.

You got him now!! Trump going to jail!!

Oh wait from your PBS article

Sater arranged for Trump and Khrapunov to meet and discuss potential investments, the lawsuit said, but it makes clear: there is no suggestion Trump engaged in impropriety or that he was aware Sater and Khrapunov allegedly stole money.

Nope, sorry Trump apparently didn’t know.

Once again… upon the realization that the President is surrounded by criminals the rational reaction is “Holy ■■■■ the President is surrounded by criminals” not really trying to excuse his past business dealings with shady characters away.

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Exactly. It is amazing that this is where we are. George Conway sums it up nicely.

The bar has been lowered to absurd levels, where people are taking a victory lap that the President of the United States is not exonerated from potential crimes, but there is not enough there that a reasonable prosecutor would prosecute.

This example of Trump being surrounded by criminals and horrible people is just more on the pile of how low we have sunk as a society, and how low the GOP has proven themselves willing to stoop.

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