FEINSTEIN’S NEXT FIGHT: The Senator Slams Trump’s Plan to ‘STACK THE COURT’ | Sean Hannity

Sen. Dianne Feinstein settled on her next fight against the Trump administration Thursday night; slamming the White House for planning to “stack” the 9th Circuit Court without “consulting” her office.

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It’s comical the this goyim needs to be comsulted when trump has the right to install judges…


Who does she think she is? The president?..Lol.

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When has she ever acted in good faith? I don’t recall even one time. Then there is the fact that the left have already stacked it with liberal ‘do what feels good’ judges who don’t care about our laws.

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Apparently so!!! :slight_smile:

Consulting her was a courtesy and didn’t produce any results earlier this year. And those liberal judges that the Dems stacked the 9th circuit with are the same judges with the awesome mental powers that they have used to read Trumps mind and determine what he meant rather than what he actually put down on paper.

Could you imagine what would happen if he would consult her? Nothing, she would want to delay any appointments unless they were liberal and agreed with her to fight President Trump at every turn. So why would he even consider consulting her? He saw what she did with Kavanaugh.

The arrogance of this woman is stratospheric.
In which universe does she reside in which the POTUS is required to ask her for her blessing on prospective federal judges.
It appears she has forgotten that her party is no longer in the majority.
Feinstein is in enough trouble as it is. Her antics seen in this last SCOTUS nominee process, have sullied her reputation.
The Demcorat leadership needs to call her in for a Come To Jesus meeting. The leadership , for the sake of the democrat party, should let her know she needs to stand down. Or stick a sock in it.
The eerie and sudden silence of Mad Max(ine) Waters is evident that the party has told her to shut up.

Speaking of District Court judges, from my personal experience many of the judges who were deemed qualified by Feinstein have been total disasters on the court. And not. because they’re liberal or conservative, but because they possess ZERO judicial demeanor. And certainly when we see Congress confirming judicial nominees who are deemed unqualified by the ABA that tells me it’s all about politics.