Feds Seized ‘Several Years & terabytes’ of Roger Stone’s Communications

I’m going to go out on a limb here and state this might be the reason why Fox News and Lindsey Graham are panicking. the raid was legit.

FBI agents seized several years worth of Roger Stone’s communications following his arrest last week, prosecutors told a federal judge on Thursday. In a motion to ask for more time to bring Stone’s case to trial, the feds said one reason is because discovery is “both voluminous and complex,” adding up to “several terabytes of information.” It includes results of search warrants served on Stone’s Apple iCloud accounts and email accounts, as well as warrants served on his home, apartment, and office that seized Stone’s cellphones, computers, and hard drives.

I’d say there are a lot of people sweating right about now. Unfortunately, “Ollie machines” won’t work with email or digital communications.

This is a dark chapter in American history.

Terabytes! and think of all of the information he already destroyed.

Your average text message, e-mail, or voice message doesn’t exactly equate to much information. How much must they have if we are talking terabytes worth?

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Stone had the pee tape all along.


I think they are making this a big deal because they know Donny Jr and Jared are up next and they want to scare the FBI from doing an unannounced raid/arrest on them.

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Now there’s a visual I didn’t need - lol


Is the grand jury meeting today?

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He should have pulled a Hillary.

But seriously, if Hillary had told a lie to Congress can anyone imagine the FBI giving her that treatment? Did the do it to Clapper?


Okay. How many pics of Stone’s junk are in all that? I got an over/under of 20. He probably doesn’t have numbers like Anthony Weiner, but who knows? Stone is a strange cat.

Actually, I find it hard to believe that Stone would have all this incriminating evidence on disc or otherwise. Hasn’t he been talking for at least a month about how he was going to be arrested?

Here, this will explain it a hell of a lot better than I can. Mueller knows everything.

“Mueller’s indictment of the Republican bad boy and former Trump political adviser Roger Stone was less of an allegation that Stone committed crimes like lying to the congress and tampering with a witness, than it was the exercise of an elaborate search warrant for all of Stone’s houses and offices. Mueller wanted Stone’s electronic devices, because he needs to confirm what he already knows about Stone’s connections to WikiLeaks. He gained this knowledge from the National Security Agency and the CIA, both of which have been involved in the Russia investigation in the background.”

**The writer is expecting that Julian Assange , Trump Jr, and Kuschner will be next.**strong text

Maybe he isn’t as smart as he thinks he is.

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Well that is clearly so, if he is telling the truth about not having all those wikileaks connections. If his telling people he was in on all that stuff and knowing what was going to be released when was just puffing himself up, then he puffed himself into one mess.