Feds now tracking 850 possible domestic terrorists, as white supremacy cases jump

“In fact, there have been more arrests and deaths in the United States caused by domestic terrorists than international terrorists in recent years,” the head of the FBI’s counterterrorism division, Assistant Director Michael McGarrity, told a House panel Wednesday.

He warned that hatred and extremist ideology are increasingly being spread online, and “that mobilization to violence is much quicker” than it used to be. McGarrity emphasized that “domestic terrorism” – often rooted in racially-motivated extremism, anti-government extremism or environmental extremism – is different than “homegrown” terrorism, which is inspired by international terrorist groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda."

Here’s the key piece of what he said. If you’re online and stumble across some place that is spreading hate and potential violence, report it. We Americans should not stand for terrorists in our midst regardless of what hate they’re spreading or what violence comes from it.

The police can’t monitor everyone but citizens certainly can help when they see actual threats.

Oh this should be good in here… Waits for people to bring up black people and Chicago


some fine people there those white supremacists.

The president told me so,


I’ve heard there are good people on all sides.

There’s a lot of reporting to be done about some RW forums, for sure.

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This place has proven time after time that it hates terrorists. This thread is about to blow up.

Nice misleading headline…

From the article…

"He said that of the 850 domestic terrorism investigations currently underway inside the United States, about 40 percent target subjects who adhere to racist ideologies, and “a significant majority” of them are white nationalists or white supremacists.

So of the 850 (a tiny amount in a country of 350 million people) only 40% are race based and of that the “majority” is White. Did any leftist bother to ask what the rest were?

and of course no definitions of “white supremacists, or white nationalists”…

Ser…850 terrorist attacks is no big deal according to cons…

Probably going to much higher the next to years of trump reign…

What about the rooftops full of conservatives cheering during these attacks?

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The article answers what the rest are, in the very next sentence after the part that you quoted:

“The vast majority of the other cases involve subjects who promote anti-government or anti-authority sentiments, McGarrity testified.”