Federal workers volunteer for termination due to revenue losses

As a corollary to 30 million job losses in the private sector, declining tax receipts at all level of governments, and reduced demand for many services as people are forced to stay home.

Civil servants are remembering their dedication to the public good, and public service.

Group spokesperson claims it is immoral for government employees to be treated differently and have sanction as a superior class as taxpayers are being thrown in jail for attempting to feed their children.

Government employees must share in the sacrifice of average private sector employees who labor every day so that we can enact edicts that burden our fellow men in time of crisis.

Pelosi supports the generosity of coddled public sector employees as every day working people face losing their homes and their families due to mandatory shut downs and beach closures.

Schumer added that public employees should not be seen as a privileged class of elites like elected officials who are immune to societal hardship.

Biden said we need to redistribute the pain from those with no rights to those that take them away.

We are all in this together and the powerful and corrupt must no longer exploit American citizens no matter how much suffering they are forced to endure.

Nobody in Congress should be drawing a check right now.

No governor who has imposed a lock down should be drawing a check right now.


Obviously fake news, but wouldn’t it be nice if our public servants stopped behaving like King George?

Federal jobs are the safest around.

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different rules for the governed versus governors

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And our bloated bureaucracy would be a great place to cut some federal spending.

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regulators shall never be imperiled like those they regulate.