Federal Reserve: Trump Tariffs Costing Consumers $1.4 Billion per Month

As those who know economics have been saying all along, it is consumers who pay the cost of tariffs. A new study from the Federal Reserve, in conjunction with Princeton and Columbia universities confirms this, to the tune of $1.4 Billion per month in added cost to consumers.

The Trump administration’s trade policies and tariffs reduced U.S. income at a rate of $1.4 billion per month by the end of November, according to new research from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Princeton and Columbia universities.

“We find that the U.S. tariffs were almost completely passed through into U.S. domestic prices, so that the entire incidence of the tariffs fell on domestic consumers and importers up to now, with no impact so far on the prices received by foreign exporters,” the economists wrote. “We also find that U.S. producers responded to reduced import competition by raising their prices.”

Fiscal conservatives. Family values voters. Christians. Tea party members.

Where in the heck did they all go?

It’s just basic economics. Anyone and everyone with knowledge of how economics works was predicting this months ago.

Now, if everyone will excuse me, I’m exhausted from all of this winning. I think I’m going to go take a nap.


Three that all out the window and knelt down to the altar of Trump

Well, I’m one. I will also note that I have never supported these fiscally irresponsible practices of Donald J Trump.

Stop shopping at Walmart.

I didn’t know that Walmart shoppers imposed tariffs.

Gone to graveyards, everyone.
When will they ever learn
When will they ever learn

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What in the hell does that have to do with the OP? Just trying to deflect for the sake of deflecting?


i would say that a ton of posters here work for companies that sell product that is in some way either directly or indirectly supported by Chinese labor/products.

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I would agree.