Federal prosecutors demand Cindy Yang records from Mar-a-Lago, Trump campaign


Mar-a-Lago got a subpoena
Trump Victory got a subpoena
Li “Cindy” Yang got a subpoena

Yang owns massage parlors in South Florida. Trump Victory is a political fundraising committee.

They want to know if Yang funneled $$ to Trump’s political fundraising committee from China. She is thought to have promised access to Mar-a-Lago.

“One subpoena, issued by a federal grand jury in West Palm Beach, compels Mar-a-Lago to turn over all documents, records and communications relating to Yang, as well as 11 other people, one charity and seven companies affiliated with her…”

“The president’s club and the fundraising committee are not the targets of the investigation.”

If there are improprieties, they should be exposed and prosecuted by the laws that have been broken and ALL should be held to the same standards…period.

Well, except for our president by the Senate.

Nobody has brought charges yet. Maybe you could convince the Congress to do so.

No one is gonna convince republicans in the senate to hold Trump accountable for anything. They are subservient to him.

That’s an easy escape. You do not know what will happen until it is brought to the senate. You guys were also adamant that Hillary would win. Look how that turned out.

Dont complain about something when you havent done your part.

The House is going to investigate Trump’s finances thoroughly before they move on anything. They know the subservient Republican senators won’t let anything happen to their father figure unless there is a massive evidence. It can’t be like Nixon or Clinton, it has to be way more.

And if you look around this board people are already guaranteeing a Trump win in 2020.

There’s many people who do nothing but that- as a strategy.

Another witch hunt?

I hope Trump puts “no collusion no obstruction” outside Mar-A-Lago to show prosecutors he’s not laying down for anyone.

classic tu quoque fallacy

Some of those same lackeys were guaranteeing R’s would hold the majority in both Houses in 2018. Don’t think that worked out.

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I wonder if Robert Kraft has ever gotten a massage there……………

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