Federal judge: Trump campaign still hasn't served Benson with Michigan lawsuit

Trump’s attorney in this case is the same “Thor” Hearne that comically misfiled this same suit in the United States Court of Federal Claims.

This time he got the right court, but to this point has failed to serve Michigan State parties in this case with the lawsuit, nor has he filed a motion for preliminary injunction, leaving the judge threatening to dismiss the case for lack of adequate prosecution by the plaintiff.

I wonder if “Thor” should take up a more suitable occupation, underwater basket weaving perhaps.

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He’s just racking up the billable hours.

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All that’s needed to keep the con going is the appearance of fighting the good fight, they don’t actually need to fight it.

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I think the POTUS would have more hope of a modicum of credibility if he didn’t keep butting crazy Rudy up as his election fraud expert. It’s like Rudy is getting his speeches written by the SNL script writers

You heard it here first.

I guarantee you that the Trumpists, with their usual complete disregard for truth, will claim that the Michigan suit was dismissed on “technical grounds.”