Federal judge says Texas owes $6.8 million in attorney’s fees for voter ID case

Texas got smacked down on voter ID. Now they just got the Plaintiff’s bill for 7 years of litigation from 11 different law firms.

$6.8 million.

And that is in addition to money spent by Texas for its own attorneys. :smile:

The award of attorney’s fees to the Plaintiffs is quite just. The court found that Texas enacted the law with discriminatory intent.

Texas should be happy that they got out of this without being bailed into pre-clearance. They are not far away. One more **** will probably earn them pre-clearance.

They should be super happy they are ONLY stuck with a monstrous bill. :smile:

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Ken Paxton does not know when to stop. They are getting desperate since they are starting to see Texas turn back to purple. There are quite a few pollsters that are predicting that Texas could turn back to Blue in the next eight years. Film at eleven.

The Texas House of Representatives could shift to Democratic control if there is a big enough Democratic wave this November.

Probably not the Texas Senate.

Link to the 106 page Court Order.

Plaintiffs originally requested $8.8 million, ultimately receiving $6.8 million.

was nominated by President Barack Obama

Is there a pattern here? :sunglasses:

Yeah…the all new Texalifornia…amirite? :sunglasses:

the law discriminated against minorities. Among those changes, were longer grace periods for the use of expired photo IDs in voting, from two years to four

The discrimination rulings were upheld by the Fifth Circuit, including Republican appointed Judges several times. And the Supreme Court declined to intervene.

The underlying Judgement was correct.

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That could be but there is a common thread that keeps popping up and I’m just pointing that out cuz ya know…some people need 4 years instead of 2 years, to replace their outdated ID.

So the lawyers won. lol

They deserve to be paid for services rendered. Seven long years of work. Thousands of billable hours.

And the Judge trimmed $2 Million off the requested amount.

All in all, it seemed a fair remuneration for the extensive services provided by the attorneys.

Let’s say…

4 = Number of Lawyers
2,040 = Number of Hours in a full work year
7 = Number of years the case took

57,120 = Possible number of work hours (472040)
28,560 = Hours working on the case 1/2 time

6,800,000 = Amount approved to paid to lawyers
$238.10 = Hourly rate for 28,560 hours

$238.10 an hour for lawyers that then have to pay (a) themselves, (b) there clerical staff and paralegals, © business overhead, and (d) court fees - doesn’t seem unreasonable. I few years ago I had to engage a lawyer to help with a real estate issue and the hourly rate was more than that.