Federal Judge rules ACA unconstitutional


Forced slavery, of course it’s unconstitutional.


Lol…this is an insult to slaves…


I don’t think anyone who pays attention could argue with a straight face that our previous healthcare system was better than Obamacare. If Trump can improve on the current system, just like Obama did with the old system, then I’m more than happy with changing the way obtaining healthcare is approached in this country.




Does the President even know what court this ruling came from?


The Constitution says that anyone with less than $500k in assets much be left to die in the streets.


The President coming out against the ACA again with no actual plan despite constantly promising otherwise doesn’t sound like a wise political strategy for 2020. The people are just ghouls.


Of course it will stand. The whole reason that it was called constitutional was because of the mandate was termed a tax, of course ignoring the fact that Obama argued it wasn’t a tax. That mandate was removed, the tax was removed, via legislation, therefore the basis for it being constitutional was removed,


Roberts ruled for it because of the tax, The tax is no longer there, legislatively removed, since it is no longer there, he must agree with this ruling.


For those interested, here is a copy of the ruling…


5th circuit will overturn this opinion and that will be that.

It is an outlier opinion.



This is certain to make this a major campaign issue for 2020… The GOP better come up with something fast…


Republicans have the chance to steal Medicare For All from the Democrats. Dems will take the bait in the spirit of “bipartisanship,” but everyone will remember that it was the Republicans and Trump who made it happen.


Yeah, that’d work out splendidly.


Great, I hope they remake it a free market system. With no mandates. That’s the best way to bring high quality care to the most people. Not govt force…


So we should eliminate Medicare at the same time?


No, I think we should keep that selfish system and just charge the children what ever it takes so we have a sweet life. I mean we’ll be dead before we are the financial equivalent of Greece or Spain, so who cares…Right?


Just saw a dental implant ad for 500$ a tooth. Probably be 50,000 a tooth if the govt paid for it. Thank god, it’s not covered.


Lasik eye surgery down to 2000$ and eye or so. Because it’s not covered…


Stop the charade of health “insurance”. Pre-existing conditions being covered means it is not insurance. For instance, you cannot buy home insurance after a fire and expect the fire to be covered. Going to a system that eliminated the “middle man” (insurance companies) would greatly reduce costs and make patients more responsible in making healthcare decisions. Everyone knows that many people go to the emergency room and doctor’s office for any little discomfort, because the services appear free and endless. Direct dealings and payment with doctors would stop this and reduce costs.