Federal Judge rules ACA unconstitutional


The mandate is wrong. Biggest reason that single payer is the way to go.


i seem to remeber certain republicans running on protecting pre-existing conditions, maybe i am remembering wrong

oh guess im not


I’m sure David Duke and a few others will remember Trump fondly, but the world and history will remember Trump as the stain. Even you know that. :smile:



This is a big ■■■■■■■ deal.


Obamacare also hasn’t been struck down.


For some. ■■■■ yeah!


Yep all 5 judges that voted for it are still on the bench.


not really since its unlikely the Supreme Court will take the case.


Maybe there should be a new plan before we mess with the current plan.

Good luck, GOP!


Yeah, good luck with that.

But they’ll probably keep it in place. roberts already showed his judgment to be in line with the dimocrats on this.


You need one more Judge on the Democrat side to retire.


It is impossible to rule on a statute that does not exist.

Therefore, this court must not exist.


And the American people. Obamacare is popular.


To be more accurate, PORTIONS of Obamacare are popular, such as the pre-existing conditions provision.


healthcare tend to be popular with sick people :smile:


I think that’s sad, and not for the reasons you would think a right leaning person would say that. Insurance has been rising dramatically and this is the best we can do as a country? Are we really happy with the costs of healthcare in this country?

I think (know) we can do better. Now personally as a conservative I would get government out of healthcare; BUT I know that’s not going to happen and now I think we should implement a system like Britain has.

I think overall healthcare was more cost effective before Bush Jr started Medicare part D and then Obama with the ACA. But here we are, at a point where half of the country can’t go to the Dr. because of costs. How can that truly be popular?


So i’m guessing the GOP just ■■■■ themselves.

If this leads to the gutting of pre-existing conditions, the GOP is going to face an incredible amount of blowback.


Seems like the only unpopular bits are those that helped pay for it all.


The penalty was reduced to $0 in 2017. That means the tax interpretation no longer applies.


Regardless of the outcome of appeals, etc, this is good news for the DNC. It will be at least a year before this is settled causing uncertainty for millions of Americans. The DNC has a great opportunity to position Medicare for all and let the GOP run up to 2020 opposing.