Federal grand jury hands down a RICO indictment against the New Aryan Empire

I have been told on this forum that white supremacists are small in number, but a federal grand jury just indicted 54 members of the Arkansas-based group New Aryan Empire. You might be saying “Well, 54 isn’t very many.”, but the grand jury found that there are approximately 5,000 members in this toxic group of hate.

Bottom line: the ideology of white supremacy is alive and kicking in America. What to do about it? Stamp it out, of course. Crush it. Make being a member of said group punishable by very long prison sentences and total asset forfeiture. Be remorseless is stamping out the hatred, and sniffing it out as it goes underground.


If this is the premier group, 5000 isn’t many but that being said, one is too many.

I want to send this quote back into time and have it land on GWB’s desk right before he invades Afghanistan.

Does that apply to all hate groups? Say, Nation of Islam too?

And before anyone says anything, I’m glad they’re getting charged.

The first thing to do is to not cry wolf. Stop accusing people of white supremacy without any evidence. Focus on the real cases. And do not exaggerate the numbers as some like to do. It is immoral to try to connect normal conservative voters to white supremacy. Right?