Federal Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Police State


Lech’s home, valued at $580,000, was marked for demolition in 2015 after a SWAT team used armored vehicles to breach the structure, deployed tear gas and explosives and shot 40 mm rounds in an effort to drive the suspect out after he refused to surrender and shot at officers

Note the original crime. A half a million dollar home condemned. And people say we don’t live in a police state. Property owner screwed again.

Collateral damage. Move along folks, everything is OK. We got the shoplifter!

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My first thought was…What about the homeowners insurance?

Lech’s attorney told the Post that his home insurance company paid him $345,000 for the damage but that amount did not come close to covering additional costs related to personal property damage, demolishing and rebuilding the home and taking out a new mortgage on the new house.

It looks like he out about 235K. Still not good, not quite so disastrous either.

It looks like this is more about attorney fees and incidental costs related to the moving.

I did not think we used battlefield tactics for armed shoplifters any longer. A very good point of contention for getting fully compensated with a heavy scale. I would say the Greenwood Village legal team is who want the next time you have a property law case.


Bet you all a dollar at least half that SWAT team are combat veterans. I wonder how many years it had been since the last time they got to do something like that. :thinking:

The militarization of police should be outlawed. Colorado should make police departments responsible for avoidable property damage.

Driving a ■■■■■■■ tank into someone’s house is completely avoidable property damage.

Blue Lives Matter. They had to use those tactics in order to protect themselves. The shoplifter barricaded himself in the building and was shooting at police officers. Should they have just left him alone? Asked him politely to stop shooting his firearm in an effort to kill police officers who are lawfully doing their duties?

No. They did what they had to do in order to protect the public.

Either the lives of police officers matter or they don’t. I believe they do. I know some other people probably disagree.

I agree Blue Lives matter, but where was this shoplifter going to go? Cordon it off and let him come out in his own time. No need to destroy the house. It wasn’t Vietnam.

And if the cops break something, they should fix it.

It was not his residence. He broke into that home and found a child playing video games. He told the child he didnt want to hurt anyone, he just wanted to get away. He let the child leave the house. He then went though drawers and found a set of keys to a car in the garage. He attempted to leave with the car but police had already surrounded the premises. As I understand it, he did fire one shot through the garage door at the police. Then he barricaded himself in an interior bathroom. They could have waited him out.

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Ok from now on cops should just let criminals go when they enter someone else’s property.


Here’s more from the article:

“The Courts, both State and Federal who have analyzed this matter, have consistently ruled in favor of the police actions taken to resolve this critical incident,” Greenwood Village said in a statement. “The Courts have recognized that while these types of events present difficult questions, the police should value life over property and may act pursuant to their police powers accordingly.”

If the criminal had broken into a politicians house, or some other high up guy’s, you can bet the outcome would have been different.

How much money did this police assault cost the taxpayer in armored vehicles deployed, police time, etc. Over the stealing of $100?

And even if you think they were right to destroy the man’s property to get a gnat, they should have to recompense him…because they destroyed his property.

I’m shocked they didn’t give the homeowner a bill for all the effort they had to go through to get that shoplifter out of his house.

Nope, just like I said let the property owner handle it.

So today we don’t like cops?

I’m confused.

How about not ramming their housing structures with a tank?

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Why should his insurance pay and go up for a deliberate act of the state?

Why can’t the town’s insurance pay for it?


Yeah, I know. lol

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Modern cops have military gear, they’re going to use it.

Read it. It will make you angry.



The shooting was deemed justified, but the finding addressed only the threat the officers faced once they were in the house, Johnson County Chief Deputy District Attorney Chris McMullin said at the time. It did not address the tactics and decisions officers made to enter the house.

This was a link in the article in my original post.

The court’s decision said the police department and the city were not liable for damage caused to the property because officers were acting in their lawful role to arrest a criminal suspect.

Strange reasoning. Why shouldn’t the police be liable for damages caused in the course of lawfully doing their jobs?

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