Fed up with RINO Republicans, Build a Strong Conservative Party before 2024

How about standing up for what you believe in, and being united. Flush out the toilet and take a lesson from President Trump: Work for the people not the special interest/Lobby. If you want to get rich get out of politics and do it.

In the words of our professional politician President who’s never accomplished anything but has enriched his family;



What happened to the Tea Party?..Oh yea…There was nobody to oppose after Obama left office. Easier to oppose than govern I guess.

Hi Bob, the thing says this is your first post! I have always thought that if there ever were to be a legitimate 3rd party, it would be conservative. It looks like that Patriot party is gathering steam

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this is a good idea but with elections being rigged, ballots mailed out to people who take advantage of govt for lifestyle, two more DC democrat senators from state of DC maybe Puerto Rico, SCOTUS being packed with dozens of leftists…,

borders wide open

good luck